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Sep 20, 2020
This is a set guideline table, as such TeamSpeak Moderators+ reserve the right to hand out a punishment whereif necessary at their own discretion, appeals will not change regardless of whether the guidelines were followed.

Offense Type
Punishment (Casual)
Punishment (Normal)
Punishment (Severe)
Offense Occurrence
5-Second Rule*WarningChannel KickServer KickFirst
Channel KickServer Kick10 Minute BanSecond
Server Kick15 Minute Jail1 Hour BanThird
Breaking Channel CodeWarning/KickChannel KickServer KickFirst
N/AServer Kick10 Minute JailSecond
N/A10 Minute Jail1 Hour BanThird
Breaking Channel RulesWarningWarningWarningFirst
Channel KickChannel KickChannel KickSecond
Channel KickChannel KickServer KickThird
Mic SpammingWarningWarningServer KickFirst
Channel KickChannel Kick30 Minute MuteSecond
Server Kick10 Minute Jail1 Hour BanThird
Soundboards Without PermissionWarningChannel KickChannel KickFirst
Channel KickServer KickServer KickSecond
Server Kick10 Minute Jail1 Hour BanThird
Abuse of Channel Group**WarningWarningWarningFirst
Removal of CA+Removal of CA+Removal of CA+Second
Recording without Permission***N/AWarning3 Hour BanFirst
N/A1 Hour Ban5 Hour BanSecond
N/A3 Hour Ban12 Hour BanThird
Channel KickServer Kick15 Minute JailSecond
Server Kick15 Minute Jail1 Hour BanThird
Ignoring Channel Admins+WarningChannel KickServer KickFirst
Channel KickServer Kick15 Minute JailSecond
Server Kick15 Minute Jail20 Minute JailThird
DisrespectfulWarningWarningServer KickFirst
[Moves to Normal]Channel Kick20 Minute JailSecond
[Moves to Normal]Server Kick1 Hour BanThird
Spam****WarningWarning3 Hour BanFirst
20 Minute JailServer Kick/20 Minute Jail5 Hour BanSecond
1 Hour Ban2 Hour Ban1 Day BanThird
Mass PM/PokeWarningBan+Ban+First
Mass MoveWarningRemovalBan+First
2 Week BanN/AN/AThird
Inappropriate Conduct*****WarningWarningBan+First
6 Hour Ban3 Day BanN/ASecond
1 Day Ban1 Week BanN/AThird
Using TS3 Recording SoftwareWarningServer Kick3 Hour BanFirst
Server Kick1 Hour Ban6 Hour BanSecond
1 Hour Ban3 Hour Ban1 Day BanThird
Abuse of Server GroupWarningRemovalBan+First
Server Kick/RemovalBan+N/ASecond
ImpersonationWarningServer KickBan+First
Server KickBan+N/ASecond

* - 5-Second Rule - Violation of the 5-Second Rule in Head Admin+ Channels can lead to a temporary ban (up to no more than 20 minutes).
** - Abuse of Channel Group - Channel Griefing/Destruction will result in a ban.
*** - Recording Without Permission - The only exception made to this is for gathering evidence of someone rule-breaking.
**** - Spam - Can variate between Messages, Channel Edits/switching etc.
***** - Inappropriate Conduct - This includes (but not limited to); NSFW, Racism, Gore, Pornography, Xenophobia/Violent Hate Crimes, Violence and anything considered not safely applicable to view for a general audience. This applies to (but not limited to); Comments, Profile Accessories (Images, Descriptions), Private DMs, Media Links.
  • Casual is treated in aspects of accidental/joking intent
  • Normal is treated in aspects not deemed malicious (heat-of-moment) but surpassed an accidental/joking intent.
  • Malicious is treated in aspects the user has intentions to harm the community through whatever means.
  • Punishments in which the offender has surpassed the Third Offence is subjected to any form of discretional punishment handed by the TeamSpeak Administrators+ and/or Infrastructure Executives.
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