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Sep 20, 2020
Icefuse: Garry's Mod Staff Handbook
These policies including all Director policies must be followed by all staff members with the rank of Division Leader or below for all Garry's Mod servers.
Staff Policies
  1. You are not to use your staff powers outside a staffing situation, this is a form of abuse and will result in a temporary suspension, demotion/removal from staff, blacklist and not limited to a possible in-game ban(s).
    1. This includes using your staff powers to gain an advantage in role play.
    2. Using donator jobs or items that you have not purchased.
  2. Always use common sense when playing and moderating/administrating on your server.
  3. Never enforce rules not listed on the official forum thread for your respective server.
    1. Only exception is for DarkRP and CityRP, job descriptions can also be referred to for what a certain job can and cannot do unless stated otherwise in the official rules.
  4. When jailing someone you must follow the template of !jail [SteamID64 Only] [Length] [Reason for jail].
  5. When banning people you must follow the template of !ban [SteamID64 Only] [Length] [Reason for Ban].
    1. You must fill out the ban log whenever you are banning someone off any server.
    2. You must always follow the Punishment Protocols when handing out a punishment and always look at their previous offenses.
  6. TeamSpeak punishments must be logged appropriately.
  7. All staff are required to be online in the official Icefuse TeamSpeak when playing and staffing on our game servers.
  8. As long as you are a staff member you are required to be present in any of the staff communication channels (Staff discords).
  9. Always follow the Chain of Command.
    1. Only exception to CoC is when following Annex B or when you need to report someone in the Head Administration or above. If needed you may fill out a HR Report.
  10. Higher ranking staff always have the final say, never argue with a higher ups decision unless they themselves are breaking a rule. If that is the case, contact their superior immediately.
  11. Do not teleport to any higher or equal ranking staff members without their explicit permission.
  12. If you need to report another staff member for breaking any policies or server rules, gather evidence then contact a Head Administrator for your server immediately or make a HR report. Do not create a staff report on the forums.
  13. Being an Icefuse staff member is a privilege not a right. You are here to assist the players of our community do not show off your rank in any way.
  14. Never disrespect any other staff members or community members.
  15. Never threaten any other staff members or community members.
  16. Remain professional at all times. Reacting or responding to negative comments is forbidden, do not get involved, simply ignore it or have the user reported.
  17. Breaking rules on either the forums or TeamSpeak, Discord other servers may result in staff punishments.
  18. Never assume anything when dealing with a staff ticket/situation.
    1. If you are unsure about anything regarding your role as a staff member, contact a higher ranking staff member following Chain of Command.
  19. Policies with taking staff tickets or general administration:
    1. Never take your own sit, this includes but not limited to the following:
      1. Handling a situation you are with in any way.
      2. Answering a staff ticket made against you and dealing with it.
      3. Immediately jailing someone who breaks a rule on you.
      4. In all the situations above you must make a ticket on the user.
      5. Only exception would be if a player is mass rule breaking and needs to be removed from the server.
    2. If you see a player breaking a rule, you must take action as long as long as you were not involved.
    3. You must remain unbiased at all times, you have no friends or foes when staffing.
    4. You must always get both sides to the story before presenting the verdict.
    5. If you cannot give a verdict either call a higher ranking or conclude the staff ticket.
    6. Donators or other staff members do not get treated differently than a regular community member.
    7. Do not take bribes.
  20. Be consistent and always do your best work and be a role model for members and other staff.
  21. Staff members who need a break from their duties may post a “Leave of Absence (LOA)” for up to 14 days per month. If the staff member needs an extension beyond that, it requires approval from a Personnel Supervisor or above. While a staff member is on LOA, they are excused from hour requirements and any responsibilities they have from their teams. A staff member may be taken off LOA forcefully by their Division Leader if they are abusing the system to avoid tasks, punishments, or hour requirements.
  22. If a staff member miss three (3) or more staff meetings without proper reason, the Head Administration reserve the right to remove you from staff.
    1. If you feel like your removal was wrong you are always free to contact a Liaison Supervisor or fill out a HR report (HR rules applies when filling this out).
  23. Any staff, higher up, or executive that wishes to resign must submit their resignation three days prior before departing from the community. Failure to do so will result in being banned from the community for a minimum of 4 months. The ban reason must state "Executive Order | EP1A | Failure to Resign/LOA"
  24. Admins and EA's may only use tool guns and props if they are an active member of the Game Master team. (Only affects Clone Wars, Military, Imperial, and JvS)
  25. All staff must have 20 hours every two weeks. If this requirement is not met and there is no forum justification you will be demoted or removed.
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