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[Clone Wars] Server Rules

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Updated: July 18th, 2023


1. Use common sense, If you know you aren't supposed to do it or think it might be wrong don't do it.
2. Do not RDM (Act of attacking or killing another friendly).
3. You may not break character in any way, shape or form. It is FailRP and will result in a 25-minute arrest. Use OOC for Out-of-Character.
4. Sims MUST be held in designated sim areas. (2nd Floor and Hangar Sim Rooms or the Citadel.)
5. Do not ask to be whitelisted into jobs that you have not been promoted/trained for.
6. Do not be disrespectful or toxic to any members of the community.
7. Do NOT FailRP (Doing something that a Clone, Jedi, Republic Ops and etc. would not do).
8. You may only have your weapon on safety or away during Defcon 5 or out during Defcon 4 and below.
9. Do not be discriminatory in any way.
10. PTS stands for Permission to Speak and it is not to be broken.
a. PTS is active in debriefs and promotion ceremonies.​
b. PTS can be called by the highest in the rank room, the person hosting the meeting/sim, or gamemaster.​
c. If you are not one of these PTS applies to you.​
d. PTS is active for all in DB no matter the rank except for the leader of the DB, Regimental Commander+, Rear Admiral+ or Senior Council+ can break PTS for valid reasons.​
e. Shock Troopers and Temple Guards may break PTS via Local, /y or /w chat to give an order to an individual to help maintain order in the debrief.​
f. Breaking PTS is defined as: Using Voice Chat while PTS is active, typing in Local or /y chat, and using a SWEP other than salute SWEP.​
12. If being escorted into the Republic HQ you must still sign in with the security detail at the desk. Members of the Office of the Supreme Chancellor and their guests are exempt from this.
13. You may have a maximum of 1 character (excluding honoraries) in the following Sectors: Clone, Jedi, Republic Operations, Senate and Droid.
14. All battalions must follow the Republic Hierarchy.
15. You cannot destroy the tac inserts of other players.
a. You can destroy tactical inserts of event jobs if gamemaster allows it.​
b. Event job characters all allowed to destroy tac inserts of players.​
c. You can destroy tactical inserts of other players in a sim room if you have the sim room claimed.​
16. Only CPT+, Shock Troopers, Republic Ops LTJG+, Jedi Knight 4+ (IV+), and Temple Guard can call AOS in /advert with a reason stated.
a. All AOS must be adverted.​
17. Everyone must be in Teamspeak (ts3.icefuse.net) and the Clone Wars Discord server to join a battalion, branch or division.
18. Players cannot switch jobs during an RP situation to escape that specific RP situation.
19. Can not ask for personal information from anyone on our server.
20. You may only Slap and punch consenting parties, otherwise, you may be arrested.
21. You cannot AOS a higher rank than you. (excluding Shock Troopers and Temple Guards)
a. You may only RAOS a higher ranking.
22. If you dab or middle finger another player, and they ask you to stop but you still continue you will be arrested for FailRP/Disrespect.
23. No public demotions or humiliation.
24. No executions will take place without proper authority from Clone High Command (Reg+).
a. Public Executions are not allowed. Any carried out will result in all involved being arrested for RDM.​
b. Covert Ops and RC have the right to deny any execution order unless the order comes from Palpatine himself.​
c. All executions must be handled in Black Site. Covert Ops and RC have the right to AOS for trespassing if someone without the correct clearance tries to gain entry to the location.​
d. High Command can grant the approval for executions to be conducted in a private and secure area.​
25. Interrogation rules:
a. RC and ST have full authority in the interrogation room.​
b. High Command+ (Jedi and Clones only) are allowed to observe interrogations and may interrogate if extremely necessary (i.e. when there are no RC, Sage or Shadows on.)​
c. Shadows and sages have authority over interrogations that involve the Jedi Order directly or indirectly (Dark Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters that target the Jedi etc.)​
d. Red Guards may oversee interrogations at all times and can interrogate when needed.​
e. Senators and Senate Commandos are allowed to observe interrogations outside in the viewing room and have no say or involvement in any interrogation.​
f. Interrogations conducted will not involve RP centered around maiming or dismembering of individuals.​
26. No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is permitted on the server ever. This includes ALL Voice and text chats.
a. Any form of sexual content in OOC unrelated to in-game is ALSO forbidden.​
27. Passive event jobs in Debrief like senators and republic army troopers are allowed.
a. Hostile event jobs that are captured, bound, stripped and pose no threat are also allowed in Debrief.
28. All players under the rank of 1SG / WO / Knight I have to be warned once in comms prior to an arrest for small offences. (e.g FailRP or Insub)
29. ST/TG that accidentally kill anyone while arresting with the baton are exempt from being arrested themselves.
30. Anything said from Redguards, Senate Commandos and Honor Guards should be taken as if it is said from the protectee themselves. (Redguard, Senate Commandos and Honor Guards have the right to warn and/or threaten anyone that is directly harming or threatening their protectee.)
31. Red Guards and Senate Commandos may defend themselves and their VIP by KOS the attacker. They reserve the right to AOS the individual if they deem it necessary.
a. They may also KOS any individual without clearance who enters the Republic HQ.​
32. Having unnecessary name extensions who are below the rank of BCMD (e.g. 501st Legion Sharp Shooter Medic sergeant Boris ) through the use of certain staff commands will result in an arrest for failRP.
33. Granting a RAOS without fully knowing and understanding the situation surrounding the RAOS will result in an arrest for failRP.
34. Outside of the base is considered "Sim Start".
a. Shooting at another battalion or any form of a group without their approval is considered RDM.​
b. Any form of PVP is allowed if it is organized and agreed upon by both parties for training purposes.​
35. REG+ may claim planets. (Kashyyyk, and Tatooine)
a. CPT+ / SC and RG SGT+ / and Knight IV+ / LTJG+ may claim certain areas on these planets.​
b. Only 41st SMB+ may claim Kashyyyk FOB.​
c. XO+ can claim Illum.​
d. SMB+ may still claim certain areas on Endor for simulations.​
36. Loitering outside the detention center and Republic headquarters will result in an arrest for “Loitering” if you do not meet the requirements to be in that area, or if you have been asked to leave.
37. Positions that are Regimental Commander+ equivalency that are military personnel reserve the ability to defend themselves from attacks with lethal force. This does not apply to honorary status positions.
a. Senate Commandos and Red Guard have the ability to protect anyone entrusted into their care with lethal force as well.​
b. Lethal force may only be used upon damage taken/HP lost.​
38. Do not enter any area that you do not have the clearance level for without permission.
39. Once you join a branch/battalion/division in each respective sector you must wait 3 days before attempting to join another without permission from a senior officer or higher of that branch/battalion/division if it would result in you leaving the current branch/battalion/division.
a. This rule only applies to SGT+ / CPO+ / Knight I+ / SC / RG.​
b. Senior Officer+ and equivalent within the branch/battalion/division may grant permission to leave early.​
40. Breaking windows without Battalion Commander+ or equivalent permission will result in an arrest for FailRP.
a. Palpatine's windows need Red Guard permission before breaking.​
41. Pressing base buttons without proper authorization will result in an arrest.
42. Disrupting the Comms Tower without a proper RP reason will result in arrest for FailRP.
43. Use of the Venator hyperdrive outside of events is restricted to LTJG+ and BCMD+ Equivalent

Debrief Rules

1. Battalion Commander+, Republic Ops LTJG+, Jedi Council+ can call an optional promotion ceremony. Regimental+ (and equivalent) may call mandatory ceremonies for their sector.
a. Optional promotion ceremonies have a 30-minute cooldown between being called. (Event Debriefs are exempt)
2. Debriefs must happen after an event.
3. If a debrief is called after an event it is mandatory for everyone.

a. The only exception is if you weren't deployed to the event.
4. You cannot leave debrief once you are in it unless you are:
a. Dismissed by the person hosting the debrief.
b. Excused by your Regimental Commander+, Rear Admiral+, or Senior Council+.
c. Staff reasons.
5. During debriefs, only officer+ and initial lore character promotions may be done via the stand.
6. During debriefs all weapons must be away unless you are Commander+, Shock Troopers, RC and RG/SC.
7. Tactical inserts can be placed in DB with the Approval of REG+, Senior Council+, Rear Admiral+, Mas Amedda+.
8. If a PTS during a Debrief that is being given does not pertain to the Event it will result in an AOS.
9. The highest ranking Officer of a Battalion/Branch online at the time of a Debrief will be able to give a PTS.

a. There will only be 1 PTS per battalion/branch.
b. High Command/RO/Jedi Master+ are exempt from the rule.
10. Surrounding an individual during a promotion in Debrief will result in an AOS.
a. The only exception is Jedi Knighting another Jedi during a promotion.
11. In the presence of the Chancellor at Debrief, all Troopers will remove their helmet as a sign of respect.
a. Loyalty Unit, Covert Operations, and Null Class ARC are exempt from this rule.
12. The use of the phrase "go up one" during a promotion is prohibited.
13. PTS is always active during a Debrief, breaking PTS will result in an AOS if you don't have permission.

a. High Command+ is allowed to break PTS with proper reason.
b. Shock Troopers are able to break PTS when it pertains to giving an order in Local Chat.
14. Republic Operations takes priority in hosting Event Debriefs.
15. The use of sweps or emotes other than the salute swep in a Debrief, can result in an AOS for disrespect.
16. Proning in Debrief is prohibited.
17. Calling out Battalions or Individuals is prohibited and will result in an AOS for disrespect.


1. Any 3 or more members of a hostile faction may initiate a capture of the following locations: Ghost FOB/Lake, Comms Tower, Blacksite, Kashyyyk, Tatooine Club.
a. To initiate capturing an advert must be made to alert the base of the presence of the hostile faction in said location (IE /advert *An alarm rings in RHQ saying Ghost Town is under attack by droids*)​
b. Members may be of different factions, however they must have been known to work together in lore and not be opposed to each other (IE no Maul DW and Night Owls working together).​
c. All members participating in the location capture must be in Simulation Room 1 or Main Server Event Room in TS​
d. All members participating in the location capture must be in the location of the capture or on nearby Terrain/Mountains.​
e. All members participating in the location capture have one life and when killed must swap to one of their regular whitelists.​
f. If the location is held and clear of republic forces 10 minutes after the announcement initiating the capture they are said to "Win" and extract some valuable resource and leave the area and all participants must swap to their regular whitelist or may initiate a Raid with a party of 5+.​
g. Failure to advert constitutes a false location capture and kills occurring during are considered RDM.​
2. Any member of a hostile faction may initiate a patrol of the outside area of the base between Ghost FOB/Lake, Comms Tower, Blacksite, Kashyyyk, Tatooine Club.
a. To initiate a patrol an advert must be made to alert the base of the presence of a hostile patrol (IE /advert *Scanners pick up a CIS patrol near Recon FOB*)​
b. Members may be of different factions, however they must have been known to work together in lore and not be opposed to each other (IE no Maul DW and Night Owls working together).​
c. All members participating in the patrol must be in Simulation Room 1 or Main Server Event Room in TS​
d. All members participating in the patrol have one life and when killed must swap to one of their regular whitelists.​
e. If the patrol walks around between the five areas for 10 minutes after the announcement initiating the patrol they are said to "Win" and report back to their base that all is clear and all participants must swap to their regular whitelist or may initiate a Raid with a party of 5+.​
g. Failure to advert constitutes a false patrol and kills occurring during are considered RDM.​
3. A party of 5 or more members of hostile factions may initiate a Raid on the base after successfully completing a capture or patrol mission on Ghost FOB/Lake, Comms Tower, Blacksite, Kashyyyk, Tatooine Club.
a. A Raid may not occur for 30 minutes after the initiation of the last Raid.​
b. A prerequisite of a successful Capture or Patrol mission must be met and declared by a “Capture/Patrol Complete XX:XX” advert.​
c. The same members that initiated the Capture or Patrol requirement are the only ones allowed to initiate a Raid. Newer members may only join the Raid before the initiation of the Raid and after the Completion of the Capture or Patrol. Members may be of different factions, however they must have been known to work together in lore and not be opposed to each other (IE no Maul DW and Night Owls working together).​
d. All members participating in the Raid must be in Simulation Room 1 or Main Server Event Room in TS​
e. All members participating in the Raid have 2 lives and must be actively attacking the base. When out of lives, they must swap to their regular whitelists.​
f. All members participating in the Raid must advert “Hostile Faction Raid on Main Base XX:XX” before attacking the base.​
g. All members of Hostile Factions may only enter the base from MHB and are not allowed to attack any SIM Rooms and/or Bunks/playerspawn areas.​
h. A Raid can last a maximum of 10 minutes, if any members of Hostile Factions survive and evacuate after 10 minutes, it is considered a win. If no members of hostile factions remain within the time frame, it is considered a loss. A member of the raid must advert “Raid Over XX:XX Win/Loss” upon completion.​
i. When the Raid is complete with a win or loss, all participants must swap to their regular whitelist.​
j. Failure to advert constitutes a false Raid and kills occurring during are considered RDM.​
4. Members of Hostile Factions may not use their jobs to attack debriefs or interfere with trainings.
5. A Patrol or Location Capture may not occur for 15 minutes after the initiation of the last patrol or location capture.
6. If a GM is setting up an event hostile factions must request permission to initiate a patrol or location capture to avoid interfering with the event.
7. If an event or an event DB is currently in progress no patrols or location captures may be initiated.
8. If a Patrol or Location Capture is falsely started the initiator must advert that the LC/Patrol is false shortly after learning of its false nature to nullify the 30 minute cooldown.
a. If the initiator is unwilling/uncooperative/unable to advert false LC/Patrol for their false LC/Patrol the highest ranking officer currently available may advert false LC/Patrol instead.​
9. Members of the GM team/Server Leadership may set health/armor of members of the Patrol to no more than 1000 health per 20 members online and 500 armor per 20 members online to a maximum of 3000/1500.
a. Members of hostile factions may ask for health/armor with a ticket, but a lack of response or a denial must be respected.​
10. Members of the GM team and Server Leadership are automatically granted membership to all Hostile Factions.

1. SMB+, Ensign+, and Jedi Knight I+ are allowed to claim Citadel, LSR (Large Sim Room) and cannot transfer ownership of them to ranks lower than the required rank to claim.
a. SGT+, Republic Ops, and Jedi Padawan+ can claim Killhouse and cannot transfer ownership of the small sim rooms to ranks lower than the required rank to claim​

2. Must "/advert (Your battalion) claims (Location)" (RANK IS IRRELEVANT WHILE DOING THIS! MUST BE /advert DUE TO LOGGING PURPOSES!)
a. The first person to advert gets the claim, rank does not overrule.​

3. Must "/advert (Your battalion) unclaims (Location)" after use (RANK IS IRRELEVANT WHILE DOING THIS! MUST BE /advert DUE TO LOGGING PURPOSES!)
4. If you do not leave a claimed area that is not yours the person with the claim may call and AOS if you do not leave after vocal warnings
a. If there is a person who is AFK ask staff to move them, you may not AOS for being AFK​
b. Rules regarding the placement of tac inserts within a sim room are made by the sim room owner.​
5. A battalion can only have one area claimed at a time.
6. Regimental Commander+ and equivalent can claim any sim room for themselves.
a. Must “/advert I claim (Location)”​

7. Must be inside the room you are attempting to claim in order to claim it. For example, a 501st SGT cannot claim SR1 while in bunks.
8. If a sim room was previously claimed, however, the party who claimed said room is not currently inside that sim room rendering it not in use, then that sim room is available to be claimed.
a. This does not mean the claim expires upon the owner leaving the room, however, just that another group may claim the room if it is not in use by the party that initially claimed it. "Not in use" means that there are no current active members of the simulation within the sim room.​
b. Keep in mind this does not apply to simulations where the original person who claimed it is killed within the sim and is running back to the sim room from their spawn area. For example, the sim owner calls a "free for all" in SR1, and another user kills him within the simulation only to claim the room for himself immediately afterward. This behavior is strictly prohibited.​


1. /advert can be used by only SMB+, Republic Commando+, Republic Ops, and Jedi Knight I+.
a. /advert can be used by anyone for the purpose of requesting an AOS.​
2. Cannot use chat to disrespect players or battalions.
3. Cannot use chat in a way that is considered racist.
4. Do not harass players.
5. Do not spam tickets.
6. Spamming tryout binds is an arrestable offense for “Misuse of Comms”
7. Unnecessary /comms or /adverts (e.g /me Sneezes) will result in an arrest for "Misuse of Comms".


1. Before starting a sim must "/advert Sim Start" or something similar must be used.
2. When ending a sim must "/advert Sim End" or something similar must be used.
3. CAN NOT call "Sim Start" just to kill someone even in a sim area.
4. Players cannot be reset by being killed outside of a simulation, they must switch back to their job.
5. Sim Starts must be adverted. (only adverted by the sim owner unless someone else is granted permission)


1. Only RC+, Red Guards, Senate Commandos, and Jedi Shadows/Vanguard/Council+ can see cloaked enemies at any time.
2. If a cloaked enemy stop moving and you can no longer see them you may fire on their last known position.
3. Use common sense. Doors don’t open by themselves.
4. If a cloaked person has a weapon out the weapon is cloaked as well, however, they cannot fire unless they are uncloaked.
5. If the enemy on their own accord runs into you while cloaked and crouched, use common sense. (You cannot purposely run into them or run in their path)
6. You cannot run through droids while shimmering.


1. Never break the brotherhood code (Never shoot another brother no matter the circumstances; except in a sim)
2. Listen to higher-ups regardless of a battalion/Jedi/Republic Ops in battle on/off the base. If not in battle this rule still applies, however, an exception while not in battle is if it interferes with inter-battalion business.
3. Must respect all higher ranks at all times.
4. Promotions must be done in a public promotion ceremony or debrief. NO PRIVATE PROMOTIONS.
5. Must /salute SMB+, Ensign+, Jedi Knight I+ and Senators.
6. Cannot engage a lightsaber user if a Jedi is engaging them.
7. RC only report to the RC Hierarchy, however they must listen to regimental+ orders.
8. No trooper may have two or more clone lives.
a. Honorary ranks are exempt from this rule.
9. You may not hold the rank of "Senior", "Chief", or any other made-up version of a rank. You must have your proper abbreviation of your rank in your name.
10. You may only hold a high position in ONE sector. This means you can only hold one high position ( Rear Admiral+, Senior Council+, Senator+). Battalion Commanders can apply for a senate position.
11. Republic Ops, Shock Troopers and Red Guard can go anywhere within the base without permission under good authority such as an AOS being called, reason of suspicion, or bunk checks.
12. ST has the highest authority when it comes to AOS's as they are the police force of the base. Only Marshal Commander+ and that rank's equivalents across Jedi, Republic Ops and Senate can false an ST AOS.
13. ARC, CO, ST, RC, Senate commandos and Red Guard have comms in that they are rappelling down from the 3rd or 2nd floor to drop down. Failure to do so will result in an arrest for FailRP. 2nd Airborne Company and all Jet Troopers are exempt from the rappelling rule.
a. Shock Troopers may only rappel when responding to an AOS. They must include going for an AOS when rappelling or it can result in an arrest for FailRP.​
b. DSU may rappel while protecting a VIP, they must follow the same procedures.​
14. Only Galactic Marines, Jets Unit, Red Guard, Senate Commando, Republic Commando, Loyalty Unit, 2ndAC, and Covert Operations may seal their suits. If you are not in these groups and seal your suit, it will result in an arrest for FailRP.


1. Only has as much authority as the Battalion Commander gives them. Jedi have complete Military Control over the Jedi in their battalion, and depending on their Commander/Equivalency, over the Clones. They DO NOT have any authoritative control over the clones (Promotions, demotions, etc.) unless given so by the Battalion Commander.
2. The Council will vote upon any new Council candidates, and they will be passed if the majority support the candidate, however, the High Council can overrule this decision.
3. Jedi Masters and regular Council must follow promotion cooldowns
4. Jedi cannot use firearms on their Jedi Whitelist. This includes simulations. (DVL+ excluded)
5. Any motions to change anything Jedi must be approved by the Jedi High Council.
6. Padawans and Knights are not allowed to discuss trials to others, doing so will result in punishment
7. If you are on LOA for more than 2+ weeks on Jedi Master+ you can be demoted from it.
8. ALL Jedi Masters must follow the rules laid down in Jedi Council, including Yoda and Mace Windu *If the rule is deemed arbitrary, then Yoda may overrule.
9. No Jedi nor Masters+ may use the following abilities: Force Storm, Force Destruction and Kyber Slam.. Shaak Ti+, Jedi General+ and Palpatine are allowed to use the following abilities.
a. This includes events, simulations, and event server events.​
b. Using these abilities will result in an arrest for FailRP (25 minutes).​
10. Jedi Shadows and Council Members+ are able to see cloaked enemies.
11. Temple Guards can AOS clones.
12. Jedi are permitted to have multiple names in their roleplay name (Ex. 327th Jedi General Aayla Secura).
13. Honor Guard can defend themselves by deflecting blaster bolts from defective clones even if it results in the clones death.
14. Council members can have their name as *insert battalion* General *insert name*.
15. Palpatine and the Senators have no say in Jedi matters.
a. Palpatine may request to assist in certain tasks.​
16. You are not permitted to alter the sounds of your lightsaber unless you are a Battlemaster+, Jedi Advisor+, Jedi General+ (DVL+), CPT of the RG and Palpatine.
a. The sounds must be appropriate if you have the permissions to edit them.​


1. All Republic Ops must be in communication with each other.
2. All Republic Ops must work with Shock Troopers.
3. No promoting for other battalions when on Republic Ops.
4. Republic Ops may leave the base within good reason, falling under establishing an FOB at a chosen location or for roleplay reasons. Admin+ can build a FOB that will last 2 hours for Republic Ops. They will not require an escort unless ordered by Admiral Yularen, Vice Chairman or the Supreme Chancellor himself.
5. Must be in a division.


1. Droids are equivalent to CR
a. Except for WAC 47 is equivalent to CPL.​
2. Must be serious at all times.
3. Only use /comms.
4. The name must correspond to the ownership of a Master or Battalion.
a.Numbers must not be FailRP.​
5. May only use your mic for in-character purposes.
6. Droids must get permission to enter bunks.
a.Unless the droid is assigned to the battalion.​
b.Droids assigned to jedi masters may enter the temple freely.​
7. Droids can be assigned to a battalion, Guardian Ace or Master+ at their request and by the decision of the droid.
8. 3-day cooldown applies upon selecting a battalion or Jedi Master+.
a.Droids are assigned to Republic Ops until they are assigned to a battalion.​
b.If no one in their battalion or Jedi Master+ is on the droid must ask Republic Ops for a temporary assignment (during events only)​
9. Cannot use a weapon as a droid.
10. Droid name must be 4 digits and may contain numbers and letters. (ex. J6M2)
11. Must include Battalion/Jedi Master and type of droid.


1. Standing or sitting on players is prohibited.
2. Jumping over shields is prohibited.
3. Talking about Out of Character (OOC) things in RP is prohibited.
The only location where you can speak Out of Character (OOC) is in the OOC lounge or in TS. (Unless designated as not OOC by the commander in that channel)
4. Do not salute/bow during combat situations, only /salute on Endor Base, at a Republic Forward Operating Base or at a Republic Flag.
6. Sitting on any object that clearly is not intended to be sat on is prohibited.
7. You CAN NOT have the visor body grouper on.
a. except if you have the helmet on.​
9. No severely anti-lore actions/activities can happen. Ex. A Jedi randomly decides to run into the forbidden section and “go to the dark side”, or a clone blows up a ship filled with 80+ civs. And there be no repercussions.
10. Event jobs cannot be Application Positions or Jedi Council+ unless the player in question holds the position.
11. Cannot switch to "stun" rounds to shoot people or stun people at all.
12. Cannot tackle anyone.
13. To strip an event jobs weapons and comms you must have 4 people for a prisoner diamond. You do not need to roll since they are surrounded by 4 people.
a. A surrendering enemy loses their rights to roll against stripping weapons and comms.​
b. All rolls must be above 50 to succeed, and the enemy has 1 roll to out roll your initial roll. This includes running away, you must allow the roll to continue, if not then it's considered FailRP.​
c. You can sneak up behind opponents and strip their weapons and comms only if they have their weapons on safety. If their weapon is off safety it is not possible, and you must roll above a 50 to be successful.​
d. All attempts to strip a person's weapons and comms is only one roll. Meaning if you roll a 40, you cannot then spam rolls to succeed.​
e. If someone is cloaked, and strips a person's weapons and comms without a prisoner diamond, they must roll above a 50. The enemy has 1 roll to out roll your initial roll.​
14. Baton abuse (hitting anyone with a baton once or more with no intent to arrest) is considered an arrestable offense.
15. It is FailRP to place a Tactical Insertion on the Republic HQ desk. Shock Troopers and Republic Operations have the right to destroy Tactical Insertions anywhere within the vicinity.
16. Throwing smoke grenades, thermal detonators, flashbangs or activating any sort of explosive around the base for no reason accidentally or not will result in an immediate arrest.
Throwing these said grenades in simulations and in events with proper reason is allowed.
17. Any sort of repeated tryout adverts that are called in any type of chat whatsoever during events is considered FailRP.
18. Any action that involves running away or fleeing from being escorted is considered FailRP.
19. Placing tactical insertions while an enemy is directly engaging you is considered FailRP.
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