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[Clone Wars] Server Rules

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Updated: May 17, 2020
Change-logs located @ Staff Communications​

1. Use common sense.
2. Do NOT RDM (Act of attacking or killing another friendly).
a. RDM in the CR room will lead to a 3 day ban for No intention to roleplay
3. You may not break character in any way, shape or form. It is FailRP and will result in a 25 minute arrest. Use OOC for Out-of-Character.
4. Sims MUST be held in designated sim areas. (2nd Floor and Hangar Sim Rooms or the Citadel.)
5. Do not ask to be whitelisted into jobs that you have not been promoted/trained for.
6. Do not talk down on other battalions, Republic Ops, Jedi and etc.
7. Do NOT FailRP (Doing something that a Clone, Jedi, Republic Ops and etc. would not do).
8. You may only have your weapon out on-safety or during DEFCON 4 and below.
9. Racism, sexism and/or any form of discrimination is not allowed.
10. PTS stands for Permission to Speak and it is not to be broken.

a. PTS is active in debriefs and promotion ceremonies.
b. PTS can be called by the highest in the rank room, the person hosting the meeting/sim, or gamemaster.
c. If you are not one of these PTS applies to you.
d. PTS is active for all in DB no matter the rank except for the leader of the DB. A high-ranking player (Regimental Commander+, Rear Admiral+ or Shaak Ti+) can break PTS for valid reasons).
e. Shock Troopers and Temple Guards may break PTS via Local, /y or /w chat to give an order to an individual to help maintain order in the debrief
f. Breaking PTS is defined as: Using Voice Chat while PTS is active, typing in Local or /y chat, and using a SWEP other than Salute SWEP.

11. Battalion Commander+, Republic Ops LTJG+, Jedi Council+ can call an optional promotion ceremony. Regimental+ (and equivalent) may call mandatory ceremonies for their sector.
12. Debriefs can happen after an event if the gamemaster chooses.
13. Battalion Commander+, Shock Troopers, Republic Ops, and Jedi Master+, Jedi Ambassadors, Senate Commandos and Red Guard are allowed within the Republic HQ without signing in. Do not enter the Republic HQ otherwise without signing in. If you are not one of these roles listed you must be accompanied by one and if not, you cannot enter (Unless ordered by one of the roles listed, Defcon 3 at your battalions battlestation, or Defcon 2).
14. Do not enter another battalions barracks without permission from an officer or highest rank online from that battalion.
15. All battalions must follow the Republic Hierarchy.
16. You cannot destroy the tac inserts of other players.

a. You can destroy tactical inserts of event jobs if gamemaster allows it.
b. Event job characters all allowed to destroy tac inserts of players.

17. Only CPT+, Shock Troopers, Republic Ops LTJG+, Jedi Knight 4+ (IV+), and Temple Guard can call AOS in /advert with a reason stated.
a. All AOS must be adverted.

18. Everyone must be in Teamspeak ( to join a battalion.
19. Players cannot switch jobs during an RP situation to escape that specific RP situation.
20. Only Trainers and those with permission from TRI+ can enter the CR room.
21. Anyone can use the shooting range. "Must use the sign firing range is hot"
22. NO ONE can interfere with CR training (except TRI+).
23. If a debrief is called after an event it is mandatory for everyone.
24. You cannot leave debrief once you are in it unless you are:

a. Dismissed by the person hosting the debrief.
b. Excused by your Regimental Commander+, Rear Admiral+, or Shaak Ti+.
c. Training a CR (Clone Recruit).
d. Staff reasons.

25. Use common sense, If you know you aren't supposed to do it or think it might be wrong don't do it.
26. Can not ask for personal information from anyone on our server.
. You may only Slap and punch consenting parties and MAY NOT slap or punch higher-ups without permission.
28. You cannot AOS a higher rank than you (excluding Shock Troopers and Temple Guards - If the offending party is apart of the Jedi Order).
29. Redguard are allowed to AOS with a valid reason. (Marshal Commander equivalent+ are exempt from this rule)
30. If you dab or middle finger another player, and they ask you to stop but you still continue you will be arrested for FailRP/Disrespect.
31. No public demotions or humiliation.
No executions will take place without proper authority from Clone High Command (Reg+).
a. Public Executions are not allowed. Any carried out will result in all involved being arrested for RDM.
b. Covert Ops and Black Ops have the right to deny any execution order unless the order comes from Palpatine himself.
c. All executions must be handled in the Black Ops Site. Covert Ops and Black Ops have the right to AOS for trespassing if someone without the correct clearance tries to gain entry to the location.

33. Interrogation rules:
a. Black Ops and ST have full authority in the interrogation room as of now.
b. High Command+ (Jedi and Clones only) are allowed to observe interrogations and may interrogate if extremely necessary (i.e. when there are no BO, Sage or Shadows on.)
c. Jedi Sages have a hand in interrogations and may assist in interrogations if necessary (e.g. mind control, forced persuasion etc.)
d. Shadows have authority over interrogations that involve the Jedi Order directly or indirectly (Dark Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters that target the Jedi etc.)
e. Red Guards may oversee interrogations at all times, but can only intervene when ordered by the Chancellor.
f. Senators and Senate Commando's are allowed to observe interrogations outside in the viewing room and have no say or involvement in any interrogation.

34. Attempting to circumvent the AFK system on the server is considered exploiting. (Typing "+right" in the console to avoid being kicked)
35. No tactical insert should be placed on the stage/chairs in the debriefing area.
36. No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is permitted on the server ever. This includes ALL Voice and text chats.
a. Any form of sexual content in OOC unrelated to in-game is ALSO forbidden
37. Passive event jobs in Debrief like senators and republic army troopers are allowed.
38. No one may enter CT bunks without permission from REG+ ranks. (Republic Ops and ST are excluded from this rule for bunk inspections and arrests.)
39. Only Trainer Instructor+ may bail an arrested CR.
a. They can only be bailed for the purpose of retraining.
40. Bailing:

a. May only bail within own hierarchy (ex. Clone can only bail clone, jedi only jedi, etc.) (Exception: Jedi Masters within the same battalion of the clone may bail)
b. Person bailing must be a higher rank than the person they are trying to bail
c. Republic Ops Ensign+ cannot be bailed.
d. Master+ cannot be bailed.
e. Commanders can set the officer rank allowed to bail in their battalion and have full right to deny his battalion to be bailed
41. During debriefs the host may only call for 2 SGT+ PTS to close.
a. SGT+ PTS is optional and can be skipped if host decides
42. During debriefs only officer+, ARC, RC and lore Characters may be promoted via the stand.
43. During debriefs all weapons must be away unless you are Commander+, Black Ops, Galactic Marines (Passed GMC) and ARC.
44. ST/TG that accidentally kill anyone while arresting with the baton are exempt from being arrested themselves.
45. Anything said from Redguards, Senate Commandos and Honor Guards should be taken as if it is said from the protectee themselves. (Redguard, Senate Commandos and Honor Guards have the right to warn and/or threat anyone that are directly harming or threatening their protectee.)
46. Red Guards and Senate Commandos may defend themselves and their VIP by KOS the attacker. They must then AOS said attacker and wait for Shock Trooper arrival.

a. They may also KOS any individual without clearance who enters the Republic HQ. (ST/TG/SC/RG/RO/High Command are all allowed within this room)
47. Having unnecessary name extensions (e.g. Shock Trooper Battalion Commander Fox instead of ST Battalion Commander Fox/ST BCMD Fox) through the use of certain staff commands will result in an arrest for failRP.
48. Granting an RAOS without fully knowing and understanding the situation surrounding the RAOS will result in an arrest for failRP.
49. Outside of the base is considered "Sim Start".

a. Shooting at another battalion or any form of group without their approval is considered RDM.
b. Any form of PVP is allowed if it is organized and agreed upon by both parties for training purposes.
50. REG+ may claim planets. (Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Mustafar)
a. CPT+ / SC and RG SGT+ / and Knight IV+ / LTJG+ may claim certain areas on these planets.
b. Only 41st SMB+ may claim Kashyyyk FOB.
c. SMB+ may still claim certain areas on Tython for simulations.

- 5. Natural State (Weapons away, but can be holstered)
- 4. High Alert (Weapons out, patrol the base & surroundings)
- 3. All battalions to battle stations.
- 2. All battalions protect RHQ and GR.
- 1. Evacuate the base.

a. Defcons are to be called by the highest rank online within the Republic Operations or if no Republic Ops are online (or active) then the highest ranking clone may call Defcons unless that person gives the role to someone else. (If no high clone is online, role moves to highest Jedi) The gamemaster can call Defcons or assign someone to call Defcons. (Republic Operations -> High Command (Clones) -> Jedi Council/Masters)

1. SMB+, Ensign+, and Jedi Knight I+ are allowed to claim Large Sim Room and Citadel and cannot transfer ownership of them to ranks lower than the required rank to claim.
a. SGT+, Republic Ops, and Jedi Padawan+ can claim small sim rooms and cannot transfer ownership of the small sim rooms to ranks lower than the required rank to claim.

2. Must "/advert (Your battalion) claims (Location)" (RANK IS IRRELEVANT WHILE DOING THIS! MUST BE /advert DUE TO LOGGING PURPOSES!)
a. The first person to advert gets the claim, rank does not overrule.

3. Must "/advert (Your battalion) unclaims (Location)" after use (RANK IS IRRELEVANT WHILE DOING THIS! MUST BE /advert DUE TO LOGGING PURPOSES!)
4. If you do not leave a claimed area that is not yours the person with the claim may call and AOS if you do not leave after vocal warnings

a. If there is a person who is AFK ask staff to move them, you may not AOS for being AFK
b. Rules regarding the placement of tac inserts within a sim room are made by the sim room owner.

7. A battalion can only have one area claimed at a time.
8. Battalion Commander+ can claim any sim room for themselves.

a. Must “/advert I claim (Location)”

9. Must be inside the room you are attempting to claim in order to claim it. For example, a 501st SGT cannot claim SR1 while in bunks.
10. If a sim room was previously claimed, however, the party who claimed said room is not currently inside that sim room rendering it not in use, then that sim room is available to be claimed.

a. This does not mean the claim expires upon the owner leaving the room, however, just that another group may claim the room if it is not in use by the party that initially claimed it. "Not in use" means that there are no current active members of the simulation within the sim room.
b. Keep in mind this does not apply to simulations where the original person who claimed it is killed within the sim and is running back to the sim room from their spawn area. For example, the sim owner calls a "free for all" in SR1, and another user kills him within the simulation only to claim the room for himself immediately afterward. This behavior is strictly prohibited.

1. /advert - RP Chat that can be used by only SMB+, Republic Commando+, Republic Ops, and Jedi Knight I+.
a. The advert is used for announcements, orders, Defcons, claiming areas, sims, or tryouts.

2. /comms - RP Chat that can be used by all players.
a. Comms is used for roleplay communications between forces.

3. /OOC - Out of Character is where you can talk about anything you wish that is not in character that can be seen on the whole server
a. Cannot disrespect players or battalions.
b. OOC Disrespect is considered a staff issue and should only be dealt with by staff.
c. Cannot use racism or discriminate.
d. Event jobs cannot use OOC.

4. /looc - Local Out of Character is where you can talk about anything you wish that is not in character that can be seen in a shorter range.
a. Cannot disrespect players or battalions.
b. LOOC Disrespect is considered a staff issue and should only be dealt with by staff.
c. Cannot use racism or discrimination.
d. Event jobs cannot use LOOC.

5. /y - Yell a roleplay chat which is the same as Say, but in a larger radius.
6. /w - Whisper, a roleplay chat which is the same as say but in a shorter radius.
7. /pm - Private message which is used to message someone in particular.

a. Cannot disrespect players or battalions.
b. Cannot use racism.
c. Do not harass players.

8. @ - Opens a staff ticket, but requires 10 characters minimum. Do not spam tickets.
9. Tryout binds must only include 1 message and cannot be sent more than once at a time (i.e. no spam). Failure to follow this rule will result in an arrest for "Misuse of Comms".
10. Tryout binds are only allowed to be posted by the highest ranking active member online at the time, SGT+ can still do tryouts as normal. Failure to follow this rule will result in an arrest for "Misuse of Comms".

1. Before starting a sim must "/advert Sim Start" must be used
2. When ending a sim must "/advert Sim End" must be used
3. CANNOT call "Sim Start" just to kill someone even in a sim area
4. Players cannot be reset by being killed outside of a simulation, they must use /ct and switch back to their job
5. Sim Starts must be adverted (only adverted by the sim owner unless someone else is granted permission)

1. Only RC Chain of Command and Jedi Shadows can see cloaked enemies at any time.
a. RC can call out these enemies current location for others
2. No one can see enemies that are completely unmoving and cloaked (Exception is RC)
3. If a cloaked enemy stop moving and you can no longer see them you may fire on their last known position
4. Use common sense. Doors don’t open by themselves.
5. If a cloaked enemy has a weapon out the weapon is cloaked as well, unless they are firing.
6. If the enemy on their own accord runs into you while cloaked and crouched you can see them. (You cannot purposely run into them or run in their path)

1. Never break the brotherhood code (Never shoot another brother no matter the circumstances; except in a sim)
2. Do not go within the Republic HQ without permission from Republic Ops or Shock Troopers.
3. Do not enter the GR unless you are an engineer and have permission from Republic Ops or Shock Troopers.
4. Do not enter another battalion bunks without permission from one of that battalions members.
5. Once you join a battalion/regiment. There is a 3-day cool down before you can leave it and join another one. Breaking this will result in a 1-week suspension from all battalions.
6. Listen to higher-ups regardless of a battalion/Jedi/Republic Ops in battle on/off the base. If not in battle this rule still applies, however, an exception while not in battle is if it interferes with inter-battalion business.
7. Must respect all higher ranks at all times.
8. Promotions must be done in a public promotion ceremony or debrief. NO PRIVATE PROMOTIONS.
9. Must refer to all SGT+, Republic Ops, Jedi Padawan+ and Senators as "sir".
10. Must salute SMB+, Ensign+, Jedi Knight I+ and Senators.
11. Cannot engage a lightsaber user if a Jedi is engaging them.
12. RC only report to ranks equal to Regimental+ or Squad Leader.
13. No trooper may have two or more clones.
a. You may have a Veteran Commander+ whitelist.
14. You may not hold the rank of "Senior", "Chief", or any other made-up version of a rank. You MUST ONLY HAVE XO in your name or your proper abbreviation of your rank.
15. You may have a Clone Trooper, a Republic Ops, a Jedi, a Senator and a droid.
16. You may only hold a high position in ONE sector. This means you can only hold one high position ( Rear Admiral+, Jedi Advisor +, Senator+). Battalion Commanders can apply for a senate position.
17. Republic Ops, Shock Troopers and Red Guard can go anywhere within the base without permission under good authority such as an AOS being called, reason of suspicion, or bunk checks.
18. Shock troopers are the police of the base and should be treated as such. Furthermore, they can receive respectful feedback on their work. (No need to use profanity)
19. Before leaving the base, all troopers under the rank of Battalion CMD must ask PTL (permission to leave). A group of 3 or more is required to be granted permission, and you must specify why you are leaving:-
. RANCOR, 91st, 41st, Jedi, Black Ops and Covert Ops are allowed to leave the base without PTL.
b. Everyone below Battalion Commander (XO and below) will have to ask for PTL. If they are bringing people with them, they must request PTL
c. Republic Ops and Shock Troopers are the only ones allowed to give PTE and PTL.
d. All battalions that don't require PTL are able to use the Gate Button without permission.
20. ST has the highest authority when it comes to AOS's as they are the police force of the base. Only Marshal Commander+ and that rank's equivalents across Jedi and Republic Ops can false an ST AOS.
21. High Command (REG+) or Commodore+ have the authority to defend themselves against Troopers if their life is at risk (ARDM).
22. ARC, CO, ST Black Ops and Senate commandos have to comms in that they are rappelling down from the 3rd or 2nd floor to drop down. Failure to do so will result in an arrest for FailRP. 2nd Airborne Company and all Jet Troopers are exempt from the rappelling rule.

a. Shock Troopers may only rappel when responding to an AOS. They must include going for an AOS when rappelling or it can result in an arrest for FailRP.
23. All clone names must now only be limited to 2 specialties (e.g. 501st TECH ARC PVT Mephisto). Having unnecessary specialties such as battalion branches i.e. HVY, MED, SS etc. in your name is not needed and if your name is found breaching these rules, it will result in an arrest for FailRP.
24. Only Galactic Marines and Republic Commandos may seal their suits. If you are not in these groups and seal your suit, it will result in an arrest for FailRP.

1. Battalion Jedi: Have only as much authority as the battalion commander gives them. Jedi only have Military Control over the (Jedi) Republic forces have control over the Clone Battalions. The only exception is Shaak Ti+.
2. Any Jedi who wants to participate in the council must be appointed by the Council and Yoda. Must be ½ of the votes in the council with Yoda’s approval.
3. White sabers are only allowed at both Yoda’s discretion.
4. Purple sabers are only allowed at Windu’s discretion
5. Masters may only promote Knights twice per week. (Cannot promote the same person twice that week)
6. No Jedi is allowed to use Red, Black, or Gray colours.
7. Jedi cannot use firearms on their Jedi. (Jedi General+ excluded)
8. Any motions to change anything Jedi must be approved by the Jedi High Council.
9. There must be a Jedi Council.
10. There can be a Sentinel, Guardian and Consular Leader.
11. There must be a mandatory trial for Jedi Padawan and Jedi Knight.
12. Padawans and Knights are not allowed to discuss about trials to others, doing so will result in punishment as it would exploit the trials allow others to cheat.
13. There must be a way to get Jedi Master.
14. There must be a Jedi Knight ranking system.
15. There must be a way for Jedi Masters to promote Jedi Knights.
16. There must be a way for Jedi Masters to get named Jedi Masters.
17. There must be a way for Jedi Masters to demote Jedi if needed without Yoda being present.
18. Lore Named Jedi Masters MUST be a part in events with their Lore Battalions when available.
19. If you are on LOA for more than 2+ weeks on a named Jedi Master you can be demoted from it.
20. There must be a system to punish Jedi that minge/ break the rules.
21. There must be a system of a tryout for Ahsoka Tano, Barriss Offee and Siri Tachi.
22. All past Yodas will stay as Battle Master of the Order forever if they serve their full three-month term, and if *If Yoda resigns (not due to the reason for being promoted in the IFN) or removed from their position, they are no longer qualified for Master, even if they served a previous term.
a. All past Mace Windus will stay as Military Battle Master if they serve their full two-month term, and *If Mace Windu resigns (not due to the reason for being promoted in the IFN) or removed from their position, they are no longer qualified for Master, even if they served a previous term.
23. ALL Jedi Masters must follow the rules laid down in Jedi Council, including Yoda and Mace Windu *If the rule is deemed arbitrary, then Yoda may overrule.
24. No Jedi nor Masters+ may use the following abilities: Force Storm, Force Destruction and Kyber Slam.. Shaak Ti+, Jedi General+ and Palpatine is allowed to use the following abilities.

a. This includes events, simulations, and event server events.
b. Using these abilities will result in an arrest for FailRP (25 minutes).
25. Jedi Shadows able to see cloaked enemies.
26. Temple Guards being able to AOS clones
27. 3 day rule for Jedi.
a. Leaving a branch within 3 days of joining it will result in a 7 day blacklist from all branches, this can only be voided by a manager or lead of a branch or any council member+.
b. Leaving a battalion within 3 days of joining it will result in a 7 day blacklist from all battalions, this can only be voided by the manager or Master of that specific battalion, the Council Overseer for that regiment or Shaak Ti+ (However CoC must be followed).
28. No saber throwing event jobs, will lead to an arrest for FailRP
29. Jedi are permitted to have more than one RP name.
30. Jedi High Command and Honor Guard can defend their selves by deflecting blaster bolts from defective clones even if it results in the clones death.
. Council members can now change their name to *insert battalion* General *insert name*.
32. Palpatine and the Senators have no say in Jedi matters.

a. Palpatine may request to assist in certain tasks.
33. You are not permitted to alter the sounds of your lightsaber unless you are a Jedi Advisor+.
a. The sounds must be appropriate if you have the permissions to edit them.

1. All Republic Ops must be in communication with each other.
2. All Republic Ops must work with Shock Troopers.
3. No promoting for other battalions when on Republic Ops.
4. Republic Ops may leave the base within good reason, falls under establishing an FOB at a chosen location or for roleplay reasons. Admin+ can build a FOB that will last 2 hours for Republic Ops. They will not require an escort unless ordered by Admiral Yularen, Vice Chairman or the Supreme Chancellor himself.
5. Must be in a division.

1. Must follow all server rules.
2. If the gamemaster needs a slot for an event you MUST get off the job.
3. Must be serious at all times.
4. Cannot use /advert, only /comms.
5. Cannot promote, demote, give PT, or claim.
6. The name must correspond to the ownership of a Master or Battalion. Numbers must not be FailRP (69, 420, 666, 911 etc.)
7. Droids cannot hold any rank in the republic hierarchy.
8. May only use your mic for in-character purposes.
9. No mic spamming. (Global rule)
10. No spamming sweps. (Global rule)
11. Droids must get permission to enter bunks.
12. Droids can be assigned to a battalion, Guardian Ace or Master+ at their request and by the decision of the droid
13. 3-day cooldown upon applies upon selecting a battalion or Jedi Master+.
14. Droids are assigned to Republic Ops until they are assigned to a battalion.
15. If no one in their battalion or Jedi Master+ is on the droid must ask Republic Ops for a temporary assignment (during events only)
16. Cannot use a weapon as a droid.
17. No mail droids.
18. Must become a Service droid before you can apply for a named droid position.
19. In-game the droid slots are first to come first to serve (an infinite amount of people can have the whitelist).
20. Can use fists/slappers to defend yourself.
21. Names must be Medical Droid #### must be 4 numbers containing no letters or battalion/Jedi Master tag unless programmed to.
22. Role-playing droids can be assigned for no more than four hours to a person.
23. Cannot be another role-playing droid.

YOU MAY SWITCH TO THESE JOBS AT ANYTIME. Unless in a roleplay situation.
If a job is not listed here, do not switch to it, unless authorized.
1. Jedi.
2. Republic Ops.
3. Do NOT switch to any "EVENT JOBS" when not in an event.
4. Just because you are a donator, it does not mean you are immune to the rules. You will be treated and dealt like any other player.
5. If you are trolling as an event job in an event you can be removed from the event and/or banned from being event jobs.

  1. Standing and sitting on players.
  2. Talking about Out of Character (OOC) things in RP.
  3. The only location where you can speak Out of Character (OOC) is in the OOC lounge or in TS (Unless designated as not OOC by the commander in that channel)
  4. Do not salute/bow during combat situations, only salute on Tython Base or at a Republic Forward Operation Base.
  5. No FailRP names or lore names.
  6. You may be on top of ATC with a valid reason
  7. You CANNOT sit or stand on anything you normally would not in real life, such as rails, holograms, lamps, people, etc...
  8. You CANNOT have the visor body grouper on, EXCEPT if you have the helmet on.
  9. No severely anti-lore actions/activities can happen. Ex. A Jedi randomly decides to run into the forbidden section and “go to the dark side”, or a clone blows up a ship filled with 80+ civs. And no repercussions.
  10. Event jobs cannot be lore clones or Jedi characters.
  11. Cannot switch to "stun" rounds to shoot people or stun people at all.
  12. Cannot tackle anyone.
  13. Cannot "strip weapons and comms" of an event job UNLESS, the person target surrenders or the target is surrounded on all fours. If the target happens to be surrounded, you may not strip if they are firing/have their weapon ignited. One of the four individuals attempting to "strip weapons and comms" must roll above a 50. If you fail to out-roll the target three times, then you may not roll again and the action is a complete fail. If the target had surrendered, you do not need to roll and only use the bind.
  14. Baton abuse (hitting anyone with a baton once or more with no intent to arrest) is considered an arrestable offence.
  15. It is FAILRP to place a Tactical Insertion on the Republic HQ desk. Shock Troopers have the right to destroy Tactical Insertions anywhere within the vicinity.
  16. Throwing smoke grenades, thermal detonators, flashbangs or activating any sort of explosive around base for no reason accidentally or not will result in an immediate arrest. (Throwing these said grenades in simulations and in events with proper reason are allowed).
  17. Any sort of tryout adverts that are called in any type of chat whatsoever during events is now considered FailRP.
  18. Any action that involves running away or fleeing from being escorted is considered FailRP.
  19. Anyone that drives a vehicle that passes through anything that's no collided or not solid (e.g. the main gate of the base) can be arrested for failRP.

1. You are supposed to act like you only have one life at any time, do not uselessly throw away your life.
2. If you are clearly outnumbered, you are not allowed to take hostile action
a. Being outnumbered by droids is exempt unless the droid asks you to surrender specifically.
3. FearRP applies to players and event jobs.
4. Breaking of FearRP is classed as FailRP and can result in an arrest.
The following jobs do not fall under FearRP:

  • Black Ops
  • Red Guard
5 FearRP does not apply if you're the escort of a VIP (e.g. Senate Commandos escorting a Senator)
a. If the VIP tells you to stand down you must obey and from then on will fall under FearRP.

1. Cannot break our server rules
2. Just because a ticket is made and you can’t handle it doesn’t mean you don’t take it. Take it and go up CoC
3. Do not disrespect players while in a sit (or anytime for that matter)
4. Do not take bribes
5. Do not go to a higher ranking staff member without permission
6. Do not use your staff abilities in RP situations
7. Do not spawn weapons or entities in RP ever. (Except for events by permission of Gamemaster)
8. Do not Administrate your own situation when you are RPing, contact another staff member to deal with the problem. (If no other staff is present and the player is repeatedly breaking rules, you can handle the situation.)
9. When you are staff you don't have "friends." Meaning you do not show favouritism toward your friends. (ex. Giving them ammo, failing to punish them for their misdeeds, defending a fail for your friends/faction etc.)
10. Do not whitelist yourself to jobs/roles in which you are not trained for or approved to use. (ex. Making yourself a commander when you are not)
11. Any staff caught on any other server breaking their rules or overall being unprofessional will be demoted.
12. No one shall staff more than one server, executives are exempt from this policy.
13. No staff can spawn themselves arrest batons to arrest or unarrest. The only time they can is when there are NO active Shock Troopers on.
14. Before banning a staff member a staff member must have another staff member present who is unbias to the situation. The third party staff member must be Elite Admin plus. This rule does not apply if a staff member is RDMing, mass banning, kicking or muting.
15. Elite Admin must get approval from a Head Admin before permeability propping things outside of bunks or sim areas.
16. If a member is AOS'd and runs into / is currently located outside of the main base, staff members are allowed to immediately arrest that person either by spawning a baton or using /arrest. AOS inside the base are to be dealt with by Shock Troopers.
17. GMO+ AND HA+ can spawn vehicles

1. Each bunk can have up to 15 props. This includes text screens.
2. Shock Troopers have 15 in debrief area.
3. Each high command bunks may have 10 props. Jedi may have 15 props per area.
4. IR can have up to 10 props.
5. The Medical Bay can have up to 30 props. Armoury can have up to 20 props. Intelligence Center can have up to 15 props. Generator Room can have up to 10 props.
6. RHQ can have up to 15
7. Palpatine's Office may have 20 props and Senate Quarters may have 15.
8. Black Ops Site, Recon FOB and Kashyyyk FOB may have up to 25 props.
9. No Half-Life 2 props or props that are larger than 65 x 65 units (about 1/4 of the room).
10. No expansions can be made to bunks or conjoining of bunks of any kind (putting in a large prop and cutting the prop into another bunk.)

1. Only a 2ndLT+ of Shock Troopers or its sub-unit K9 are allowed to enforce a contraband check.
a. Excludes 2ndLT+ who are in their TRNE Phase.
2. In order to enact a contraband check, Shock Troopers must have permission from the highest Officer in the battalion they are checking at the time.
3. Once permission is granted for a contraband check, Shock Troopers have full authority over that branch and their players even if higher in rank.
4. A contraband check can last no longer than 20 minutes.
5. Shock Troopers are only allowed to detain/fine players if they are caught with contraband. (Max fine 100 credits)
6. During the contraband check, the host of the check can institute any rules during the bunk check time as long as it falls within the rules. Anyone caught breaking the rules set by Shock Troopers may be arrested for FailRP.
7. The only ones allowed to cancel any ongoing or future bunk checks are any Regimental + from the Clone Sector.

1. HRU situations lasting longer than thirty 30 minutes without being resolved are allowed to be intervened in by ST SWAT.
a. If ST SWAT is unavailable, normal ST are allowed to take their place.
2. 104th Wolfpack has absolute authority over HRU situations where clones/high command have been taken hostage.
3. For Clones to be classed as “hostages” they must have/acquired information that is valuable to the Republic.
4. HRU has the authority to kick out Senior Commander and below within reason.
5. Jedi Diplomats hold absolute authority over HRU situations if the hostage or hostage-taker is a force user.
6. If an HRU situation is taking place no unauthorized people should be trying to enter as this can interfere with the situation and get the hostage killed.

a. Individuals attempting to enter an HRU situation are subject to AOS/RAOS for Insubordination for interfering with an HRU situation.
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