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[Clone Wars] Roleplay Essentials

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Roleplay Essentials

The CRs should already be informed that their name should be changed to “CR #### Name”. Please, if they have not done so, have them change their names, and make sure to mention the types of names they can’t have:

No Lore character names
Names like CT #### Denal, CT #### Rex, etc.
No Mingy names
Names like CT 0420 Snoop, or CT 6969 MagnumDong
No names with numbers in it.
Names like CT #### Hyp3r
No sexual/Inappropriate names
Same as mingy names
No names which are racist.
Pay attention, CTs may have profound words spelt backwards
Only one name, no spaces
Names like CT #### Turbo Hyper

The CRs must also have these binds as it will be helpful in roleplay scenarios, and as such, will have to bind them through console. Before they do that. they have to enable developer console first. To do that, press ESC, go to options, press advanced, and enable developer console. Now In the case that their console does not open, have the clone recruit open up his options menu, click on Keyboard and scroll all the way down till they find "Toggle Console"and bind it to whatever key they want (Default and preferred key is ~). Sometimes when they relog into the game, the console may not open despite it being bound, they just have to open up any pop-up menu (Options menu or Legacy Browser), click on their preferred keybind and they will be able to open up their console.

Once that's done, they can open up their consoles and have these binded:

- Bind key “say /me salutes”

- Bind key “say /me Strips Weapons and Comms”

- Bind key “say /roll”

It is also important to teach them how to put one’s weapon on safety, and to do as such, they have to press Shift + E + R (They could hold SHIFT + E, and then press R, or press them all at the same time, it'll have the same end result).


The list of faces will be listed below and will have the proper definitions of the faces.

Left Face - The trooper should perform a 90 degree turn over their left shoulder to face the left direction.

Right Face- The trooper should perform a 90 degree turn over their right shoulder to face the right direction.

About Face- The trooper should perform a 180 degree turn over their right shoulder to face the correct direction.

Front Face- The trooper should perform whatever degree turn is necessary over their right shoulder to face where their commanding officer is currently standing. This means if the commanding officer moves during a series of faces they are to look where their commanding officer currently is standing.

Make sure once you teach them these faces it's important to demonstrate these faces and to have them practice these faces until they get it down.


Clearance Levels
Level 6 - The Office of the Supreme Chancellor ~ Clone General+

Level 5 - Senior Commander Equivalent+ ~ Senator+ ~ Senate Commando+

Level 4 - Battalion Commander Equivalent+ ~ RO+ ~ ST+ ~ TG+ ~ Republic Commando

Level 3 - Officer+ ~ Knight+

Level 2 - NCO+ ~ Padawan+

Level 1 - Enlisted+

Level 0 - CT ~ Youngling ~ Cadet

Make sure you always ask for PTE/PTL via comms/advert depending on your rank when you are either leaving the base [PTL] or entering the base [PTE]. RO or ST have the authority to grant/deny PTEs/PTLs via advert.

PTE Stands for Permission to Enter

PTL Stands for Permission to Leave (RANCOR, 91st, 41st, Jedi, Republic Commandos, Battalion Commanders, Covert Ops and Senate Sector are allowed to leave the base without PTL)
Once the player comes into the Training Room, it is the trainer's job to explain what “PTS” means. It is important to tell the CR when it is acceptable or unacceptable to even ask for PTS - i.e. in debriefs, you are to not ask for PTS until the leader of the debriefing ask for [Rank]+ PTS. The proper way to ask for a PTS is /y PTS, and talking in /ooc or /looc is not breaking PTS, so you may type there.

Kamino does not require PTL.

Brotherhood Code
“Brotherhood Code” is to explain the importance of never shooting another brother not matter the circumstance. Please note that during simulations this is allowed if addressed by their commanding officer as a an “active simulation”. Explain to the player that if someone tells you to kill someone in an active sim you are to listen, however if there is no simulation than you are not to kill another brother as this would be “RDM.”

Slapping/Punching is Considered RDM/ARDM if told to stop


Natural state, this is when everything is calm and people walk around the base freely.


Weapons out and on high alert, patrol the base. This is when we are alerted to a danger but do not yet know the extent of said danger, so it is good to keep a sharp eye and patrol the base for any potential intruders.


All battalions to battle stations. This is usually when the threat is very large such as the base is being boarded by an enemy CIS fleet or simply a very large group of intruders, different battalions will be dispatched to handle and protect different key areas of the base from attack.


All battalions secure the RHQ and Generator (GR) room. This is usually called as a last line of defense when the base is being overrun with enemies, all battalions are called back to defend crucial areas of the base that's destruction would result in the collapse of the base and its crew members.


Evacuate the base. This is when the base has been damaged beyond repair, and there is no other choice but to abandon base. This usually results in a land based mission fighting against the enemy that destroyed our base.

Sectors/Battalions, and the Hierarchy
Attack Battalions
212th Attack Battalion - Commander Cody
501st Legion - Commander Rex
327th Star Corps - Commander Bly
Dooms Unit - Commander Doom

Support Battalions
41st Elite Corps - Commander Gree
91st Recon Corps - Commander Neyo
RANCOR - Commander Blitz
Shock Troopers - Commander Fox

Specialized Battalions
Special Operations - Commander Blackout
104th Assault - Commander Wolffe
21st Nova Corps - Commander Bacara

Republic Commandos
Delta Squad - Squad Lead Boss
Omega Squad - Squad Lead Niner
Null ARC - Squad Lead Ordo
Clone Force 99 - Squad Lead Hunter

Republic Operations
Republic Intelligence Division - Commodore
Republic Medical Division - Commodore
Republic Engineering Division - Commodore

Consular - Lead
Guardian - Lead
Temple Guard - Lead
Sentinel - Lead

Galactic Senate of the Republic
The Office of the Supreme Chancellor
The Galactic Senate
Red Guard
Senate Commando
Crewman - CM
Petty Officer 2nd Class - PO2
Petty Officer 1st Class - PO1

Chief Petty Officer - CPO
Senior Chief Petty Officer - SCPO
Master Chief Petty Officer - MCPO
Warrant Officer - WO
Chief Warrant Officer - CWO
Chief Warrant Officer Second Class -CWO2

Ensign - ENS
Lieutenant Junior Grade - LTJG
Lieutenant - LT
Commander - CDR
Captain - CPT

-Republic Ops High Command-
Rear Admiral - Nils Tenant
Vice Admiral - Tarkin
Admiral - Yularen
Private - PVT
Private First Class - PFC
Lance Corporal - LCPL
Corporal - CPL

Sergeant - SGT
Staff Sergeant - SSG
Sergeant First Class - SFC
Master Sergeant - MSG
First Sergeant - 1SG
Sergeant Major - SGM
Commander Sergeant Major - CSM

Sergeant Major of The Battalion - SMB
Second Lieutenant - 2ndLT
First Lieutenant - 1stLT
Captain - CPT
Major - MAJ
Lieutenant Colonel - LTC
Colonel - COL (Colonel and above are eligible to apply for Commander)
Executive Officer - XO
Battalion Commander - BCMD

-High Command-
Regimental Commander
Senior Commander
Marshal Commander
Jedi Youngling

Jedi Padawan

Jedi Knight
Jedi Master - BCMD
Jedi Council - BCMD

-High Command-
REG/Branch Overseers
Jedi Advisor Shaak Ti
Master of the order Windu
Grand Master of The Order Yoda

Roleplay Rules & Regulations
For a more detailed post in regards to the overall roleplay structure and its regulations, there's a post that outlines everything from the Hierarchy, Clearance Levels, Specialized Situations, Documentation Guidelines, ect:

1. /advert - /advert is only to be used to call for tryouts, optional/mandatory promotion ceremonies, DEFCON/Temple Codes, advertising for a battalion, claiming/unclaiming an area, arrest reports, warnings, AOS/RAOS, or by gamemasters for use in events.
a. Advertisement for a battalion may not be done during events.
b. The advert is used for announcements, orders, Defcons, claiming areas, sims, or tryouts.

2. /comms - RP Chat that can be used by all players.
a. Comms is used for roleplay communications between forces.

3. /OOC - Out of Character is where you can talk about anything you wish that is not in character that can be seen on the whole server
a. Cannot disrespect players or battalions.
b. OOC Disrespect is considered a staff issue and should only be dealt with by staff.
c. Cannot use racism or discriminate.

4. /looc - Local Out of Character is where you can talk about anything you wish that is not in character that can be seen in a shorter range.
a. Cannot disrespect players or battalions.
b. LOOC Disrespect is considered a staff issue and should only be dealt with by staff.
c. Cannot use racism or discrimination.

5. /y - Yell a roleplay chat which is the same as Say, but in a larger radius.
6. /w - Whisper, a roleplay chat which is the same as say but in a shorter radius.
7. /pm - Private message which is used to message someone in particular.
8. Cannot use chat to disrespect players or battalions.
9. Cannot use chat in a way that is considered racist.
10. Do not harass players.

11. @ - Opens a staff ticket, but requires 10 characters minimum.
a. Do not spam tickets.
12. Spamming tryout binds is an arrestable offense for “Misuse of Comms”
13. Unnecessary /comms or /adverts (e.g /me Sneezes) will result in an arrest for "Misuse of Comms".
14. /act and /actroll are for use in events, large-scale passive roleplay, and large-scale trainings only.

Need help getting set up on our TeamSpeak? Below, the "TeamSpeak Technical Support Guide" has everything you need to know to help you get set up.

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