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Denied Vader's Human Resources Application

Your Name: Vader

In-Game Rank: N/A

Steam Name: Rust TOS

SteamID64: Rust TOS

Staff Rank: Elite Administrator

Why do you want to apply for HR? (Minimum 4 sentences): I want to apply to the HR team so I can apply what I do for a job IRL into this community. The betterment of this community is always #1 in my mind when it comes to the decisions I make while staffing within my division. I want to be and can be the person that is there for people when they are dealing with something personal, and or extremely urgent. Being apart of this team will allow me to put myself to work with people dealing with these types of situations. Another reason I want to join is to give myself an opportunity to grow outside of RUST and to expand on my knowledge of not only the staff team but on the people that make this staffing stuff possible.

Why should you be accepted into HR? (Minimum 4 sentences): I believe I should be accepted into HR because of the work I do IRL and how confidential the work is. WITHOUT leaking any information I am able to give a description of what I do daily at my work. I work with youth that have behavior issues and mental health issues. These kids come from all over the country to the treatment center I work at. I am a Youth Treatment Supervisor there. The #1 rule of my job is... Confidentiality. On top of that, being a leader is also a HUGE role in what I do on a day to day basis. I am entrusted with everything these kids are apart of, and I know them inside and out. I should be accepted into this team because I am fully capable of keeping confidential information, confidential. I am also good when it comes to being a leader. I have been a Sector Lead on RUST before hand just 2 months ago, and rejoined the team about 3 weeks ago. I have been apart of IFN for almost a year total. I am very knowledgeable within policy and how our division works and ensure I learn new things in a timely manner to make sure I am up to speed with everything going on. I can provide dedication, leadership and much more on the HR team. I appreciate the time you took to read my responses to the questions, everything you provide as feedback, whether positive or negative, I will take with me into the future to better myself.

Do you have a working microphone; and are you willing to pass an intense interview process if accepted?: Yes

Do you understand that if this application is denied, you must wait 30 days before reapplying and shall not contact any HR Members about your application?: Yes

Do you understand by posting this application you may not comment, post, or reply to ANY other HR Member's application until accepted/denied?: Yes

Do you understand if you contact any Staff Members about this application it will be denied?: Yes

Do you understand that if accepted for an interview and accepted into the team, releasing any information will result in a 6 month ban?: Yes