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[MilitaryRP] Server Rules

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Updated: 3/20/2020

General Rules:

    • Use common sense.
      1. Staff members have the final say on all rule interpretations including concepts not explicitly stated in the rules.
      2. Attempting to loophole or nitpick rules is not tolerated.
    • RDM is prohibited:
      1. RDM: Random Deathmatch - The act of randomly killing or attacking a player without a valid roleplay reason.
    • FailRP is prohibited:
      1. FailRP is defined as doing an action that is not justifiable in roleplay (i.e. running on barbed wire fences or jumping off cliffs/buildings or jumping during combat).
      2. You should always RP your character as realistically as possible (i.e. A US soldier would not be committing blatant war crimes or taking bribes).
    • Metagaming is prohibited:
      1. Metagaming is defined as using information gained from out-of-character sources in-character.
    • Breaking NLR is prohibited:
      1. NLR (New Life Rule) means that you can not return to your area of death, or return to the player who killed you, within two minutes after being killed. You also do not retain any information gained from the previous life. Do not use in-character chat after you die to disclose information or events that occurred before your death.
    • FearRP must be followed when applicable:
      1. FearRP is defined as roleplaying as if your character has one life and is afraid of dying.
      2. Suicide Bombers are the only class exempt from FearRP.
      3. If there are 3 or more people arresting/kidnapping a target, no roll is needed.
    • Racism or other forms of discrimination (age, sex, race, sexual orientation, or creed) is prohibited.
    • /advert can be seen by both factions. /comms can only be seen by the faction of the user that posted the message, unless marked with “OPEN.”
    • Use of glitches, exploits, or third party software is strictly prohibited.
      1. Attempting to circumvent the AFK system is considered exploitation.
    • Do not use entities to inhibit players from accessing an area.
    • You must have a valid/serious RP name at all times.

Defibrillator Rules:

    • Players who are revived with defibrillators are allowed to continue participating in any missions/operations they were assisting with prior to their death.
    • Players who are revived with defibrillators do not gain the effects of NLR.

Gameplay Rules:

    • Civilians/Insurgents must comply with US orders if outnumbered by a 2:1 ratio, failure to comply with US orders makes you AOS.
    • Civilians/Insurgents must comply with US orders if outnumbered by a 3:1 ratio, failure to comply with US orders makes you KOS/AOS
    • You may not shoot into the opposing faction’s base.
      1. You may shoot back at an attacker in self-defense.
      2. You may shoot into the opposing faction’s base during a raid.
    • Both factions are able to capture any point on the map with the exception of the base points, which are only allowed to be captured during a raid.
    • AT4/RPG/IED/C4/Grenade Launchers/Suicide Bomb must be used on groups of 2+ visibly confirmed hostiles.
      1. Frag grenades do not apply to this rule.
    • You must follow orders from higher ranks at all times, regardless of branch.
    • The /me command can’t be exploited to give yourself an upper hand in RP.
      1. /me takes cyanide pills or equivalent, for example, is considered FailRP.
      2. /me should not be used to minge or ERP (erotic roleplay).
    • Competitive rolling is always done with the default /roll command.
      1. Repeated use of /roll is considered spam.
      2. Competitive rolls are rolls against two players. The higher of the two rolls is considered successful, the other is considered a failure.
      3. Outside of competitive rolls you are allowed to roll a maximum of 3 times. (i.e /me defuses bomb; roll results in a 1-49 to allow players to be able to succeed.
    • Use of Slapping/Punching/Middle Finger SWEPS on higher-ups is considered AOS unless in an active sim.
    • E-10+ may advert for tryouts, missions, or claims.
    • Civilians/Insurgents with radios out are considered AOS
    • You are allowed to have an officer rank in both factions, but you may not accept a high command rank (O-5+), or the rank of SMA or BKoT) in your secondary faction.
    • You must wait 3 days after joining a branch to switch to another branch. Failure to do so results in a 7-day faction blacklist. If you intend to leave your current branch, you must inform an officer beforehand.
    • Adverts must contain relevant RP information only.
    • Base Camping is strictly forbidden for both factions.
    • US/INS Recruits are not allowed to leave their respective bases.
    • Kill binds may only be used to communicate the death of an enemy, no additional information may be added.
      1. Example: [US/INS] Target down.
    • Quick drawing on enemies is NOT allowed, with the exception of knives and suicide bombs.
      • Suicide bombs are exempt from FearRP and the 2:1 ratio rule.
    • US/INS destroying their own base's walls is not allowed and considered FailRP.
    • Jumping into/in Combat is not allowed.

US Rules of Engagement:

    • You may only engage an insurgent if they have a weapon out or are in an area that makes them KOS.
    • Non-US are AOS between the sandbags in front of the US Base, this includes standing on the sandbags.
    • Non-US are KOS if they are standing on the hills directly in front of the US base.
    • Non-US are KOS if they touch the front gate, button, or any of the US Base walls.
    • Non-US are KOS in sight of the base during a code red. You MUST be in the base to engage.

INS Rules of Engagement:

    • If a US spots you capturing points, you become KOS.
    • You must follow orders of the US if they outnumber you by a 2:1 ratio. Failure to comply with orders makes you AOS.
    • You must follow orders of the US if they outnumber you by a 3:1 ratio. Failure to comply with orders makes you AOS/KOS.
    • You may engage US forces as long as they are not within the US Base or AOS Zone.
      1. Killing US inside their base or AOS zone without a valid raid is considered Base Camping and RDM (this includes the beginning of underpass).
    • Shooting or using explosives/grenades near/in the US Base/AOS Zone makes you KOS.
    • You may not attempt to open fire or kidnap within sight of the US Base.
    • Non-US may not loiter outside of the AOS Zone during a code yellow.
    • Insurgents may not kill civilians without an RP reason.
    • DaGl + can execute lower enlisted with a PROPER RP reason
    • Defacing or damaging US property will make you AOS.
      1. This includes US shields, sandbags, or AOS Pillars.

Raiding Rules:

    • You must control 6 of the 18 capture points on the map, not including base points, in order to call a raid.
    • A raid may only be adverted by an O-3+.
    • You must host a debrief in your respective base debrief prior to calling a raid.
    • Raids can last a maximum of 15 minutes, or until all attackers INSIDE of the base have been killed. If the raid surpasses 15 minutes, all units MUST retreat.
    • After a raid is over there is a 15-minute cooldown.
    • Raiders only have 1 life, once killed they are to return to debrief.
    • During a raid, everyone within sight of the raided base is KOS.
    • Raids may not take place while the opposing faction is doing an Occupation/Insurgency.
    • Recruit rooms and Barracks halls are off-limits during raids.
    • Rescue Raids: A raid to rescue a hostage from the opposing faction, has a separate cooldown from faction/branch raid, but may not occur at the same time.
      1. Negotiations must have been conducted for a minimum of 5 minutes, or failed before a rescue raid can be called.

Solo Raiding Rules:

    • Only War Heros/War Criminals may call solo raids. Solo raids are called by /advert Solo Raid on US/INS.
    • Solo Raids have a 15-minute cooldown per faction and a 20-minute cooldown per person.
    • Solo Raids may only last 10 minutes if the raider is inside of the base. Sniping Solo Raids may only last 5 minutes maximum.
    • Solo Raiders may not attack an active debrief.
Interrogation Rules:

    • Players may only be interrogated if they are confirmed Insurgents or are captured US prisoners.
    • During interrogation, the interrogator only has 3 rolls. The rolls will be used in an attempt to gain truthful information.
      1. Example: US: “What is your rank in the INS forces?” /roll [46] INS Army BKoT Bob: /roll [55] “I am a SB.”
      2. After 3 rolls, the prisoner must be released, arrested, executed or ransomed.
    • You must hold the rank of E-10+ to negotiate for a prisoner.

Occupations & Insurgencies Rules:

    • US or Insurgent forces may /advert that they have claimed an area for a certain amount of time. These are known as an Occupation [US] or an Insurgency [INS].
      1. Faction claims may last a minimum of 15 minutes with a maximum of 20 minutes. Faction claims have a 20-minute cooldown.
      2. Branch claims can last a minimum of 10 minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes. Branch claims have a 10-minute cooldown. Each faction is limited to one branch claim at a time.
      3. All Occupations and Insurgencies have a 1-life rule for defenders, meaning they may not return after dying (see Defibrillator Rules for exceptions).
    • Claims can be made by any O-3+, they may only be called after a briefing.
    • All opposing faction members are KOS within sight of an area of Occupation or Insurgency.
    • You may not assist another branch in an Occupation/Insurgency.

Base Rules:

    • You may not enter, or fire upon, the opposing faction’s base unless you are raiding.
    • If you are being shot by someone inside of the opposing faction’s base, you MUST identify the shooter before you may return fire.
    • PTL must be requested by E-9 and below and may be granted by E-10+ for US.
    • INS does not require PTL to leave base, but must show up to DB when called by O-4+.
    • MP, USMC FAST and 820th COS are the only ones permitted to loiter in the AOS or Buffer zone.
    • Base codes may only be called by O-4+, with the exception of Military Police O-3+.
    • Only O-4+ may call their entire faction to a debrief.
    • Code Red can only be called 20 seconds after code yellow has been called, it must have a valid reason, and may only last for 2 minutes unless there is an active raid.
    • RP jails MUST be adverted (/advert [Branch, Rank, Name] [Reason] [Time Start, Time end]).
    • All personnel aside from CO+ MUST show their ID to MP or USMC FAST upon request when entering the base.

Killhouse/Simulation Room Rules:

    • Killhouse/Sim Room claims must be adverted by the proper rank.
    • You must be a E-10+ to claim and start/end sims.
      1. Friendly fire is only allowed within the confines of an active sim room.
      2. Sims are only used for organized team exercises. No free-for-alls.
    • Killhouse can be claimed by E-10+.
      1. Only one branch may claim Killhouse at a time.
      2. You must be an E-10+ to call sim start/sim ends in the Killhouse.

Civilian and Animal Rules:

    • Animals are not able to use weapons, radios, or any donator weapons.
      1. Fists and Bite may be used to bite, headbutt, or claw/scratch if they are being attacked or provoked.
    • Civilians are non-combative, meaning they should not be provoking a faction to attack them or have any donator weapons out at any point in time.
    • Civilians should flee from firefights or confrontation that would provoke FearRP.
    • Bears are allowed to maul other players but are KOS if seen mauling someone.
    • Goats/Dogs may be domesticated and can be used for RP.
    • It’s Fail RP to enter the base as a bear/dog.

Donator Rules:

    • Do not place tactical insertions in unreachable areas (this includes areas that require a boost from another player).
    • Do not go AFK on War Hero/War Criminal jobs.
    • War Heroes/War Criminals do not have to have RP names.
      1. War Hero/War Criminal names must be RP friendly and not mingy.
      2. War Heroes/War Criminals do not need PTL.
      3. War Heroes/War Criminals are not allowed to assist in a branch activity unless they are a part of the branch.

1. Faction War is a period of 20 minutes in which everyone on the opposing faction is KOS around the entire map. The area's in which you are not to be killed is in your respected/opposing faction base. (As an Insurgent you may not enter the US base during a faction war, and vice versa).
2. In order for a Faction War to be declared, a General from each faction must meet somewhere and discuss the plans for the Faction War. (Objective Location)
3. Generals must shake hands before leaving the meeting location.
4. The area Generals meet is considered a cease-fire, any kills gained within that location or gained while either side is approaching the meeting location are considered RDM.
5. The Faction War is not in effect until both Generals advert "Faction War, all non-U.S/I! Objective: OBJ. LOCATION"
6. Faction War cannot be called when troops are outside of their base, clearly trying to get an unfair head-start.
7. During a Faction War, there is an objective location in which all members of the military must be attempting to capture and secure.
8. Faction Wars can last between 20 to 45 minutes, starting when the Faction War is called via advert.
9. Weed Nursery and U.S Construction are banned from being a Faction War objective location as they are too close to a faction base.
10. The Faction War objective location must be an actual capture point.
11. Whichever faction controls the Faction War objective location at the end of the war, is considered the winner.
12. During Faction War arrests on the opposing faction are not allowed to be made, however, kidnaps can be made to either General that declared the war and held for ransom.
13. A Faction War is ended when the given timer ends, whichever faction has the point at the time is the winner.
14. A Faction War can also be ended if a General that declared the war is kidnapped, whichever faction kidnapped the General is the winner.
15. The kidnapped General cannot be executed but instead held for ransom instead, if the ransom goes unanswered for 5 minutes then the General can be executed.
16. If a General is executed, he may not roleplay as General for the next hour.
17. A reward of weaponry is given to the winning faction, explosive-related weaponry may not be given out as a reward.
18. When a war ends, there is a 2-minute ceasefire across the entire map, to allow troops to return to base for a debrief.
19. A Faction War and a Conquest can only happen once every day, with no exceptions.
20. Faction Conquest has the same rules as a faction war, but the objective is to control the most points by the end of the Conquest (Not Including Base points).
21. In a faction War, Tac Inserts cannot be used in the render distance of the point being contested.
22. In a Conquest, Tac Inserts cannot be used outside the base.
23. During a faction war, NLR does not exist.
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