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Roleplay Essentials
Jedi vs. Sith is a player vs. player roleplay server set in the Star Wars Universe. Mixing all eras from Star Wars, the server allows players to become characters such as Yoda, Darth Revan, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vadar, and more! Upon first connection, you will start as a youngling, and after receiving your Jedi or Sith training, you will then be allowed to join one of the many branches in the Jedi, Eternal Empire, or Sith Order.
Younglings should already be informed that their name should be changed to “Sith/Jedi Youngling Name”. Please, if they have not done so, have them change their names, and make sure to mention not to have any mingey names such as “Sith/Jedi Youngling Snoop Dog or Sith/Jedi Youngling Hitler”. Any and all lore names are not allowed.
The first thing a trainer must teach is how to ignite and designate one's lightsaber. This is done by clicking "R" with the lightsaber out.
After you go through that, you must show them the binds. If the Youngling already has such binds, good for them.
Bind key “say /me Bows”
Bind key “say /me Strips Weapons, Force powers, and Comms”
Bind key “say /roll”
If a Younglings Console does not open, have them follow these steps:
Have the Youngling open up his options menu.
Click on keyboard
Have them scroll all the way down till they find “Toggle Console” (Shouldn’t be bound to anything) and have them Bind that to ~ [Which is between Esc and Tab]
If it still does not work have them go into options > advanced > and enable developer console

List of All the Branches
Council of First Knowledge
Temple Guard - The Jedi Temple Guard is the security force maintained by the Jedi Order and tasked with the protection of the Jedi Temple on Tython.
Sentinels - A Jedi Sentinel is the name given to one of the three distinct schools of thought of the Jedi that sought a balance between the two other branches, the Consulars and the Guardians.
Knights of the Old Republic - Strategists and skilled mercenaries to the Jedi Order. Using their skills from the battles against the Ancient Sith, the Knights of the Old Republic are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Council of Reconciliation
Guardians - The Jedi Guardians' skills and talents lay in battle, a light side mirror of the Sith Warrior.
Consulars - The Consulars sought diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony across the Galactic Republic.
Gray Jedi - Strategists and skilled mercenaries to the Jedi Order. Using their skills from the battles against the Ancient Sith, the Knights of the Old Republic are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Reassignment Corps
Sanction Corps - Lightsaber repair and improvement.
Extraction Corps - Engineering and base maintenance for the Jedi Order.
Civil Corps - Doctors, healers, and medics commissioned by the Jedi Order.
Justice Sector
Honor Guard - The Honor Guard are tasked with the protection of the Royal Family, Prisoners, and other VIPs.
City Guard - The Eternal Empire City Guard is the security force maintained by the Eternal Empire tasked with the protection of the Tatooine City and the Eternal Palace.

Intelligence Sector
Scions - The Scions of Zakuul, commonly known simply as the Scions, was a division of the Knights of Zakuul who possessed the ability to see the future through the Force and are infatuated with the idea of destiny.
Heralds - The Heralds of Zildrog, also known simply as Heralds, are a cult from Zakuul highly tuned in to the force.

War Sector
Paladins - The Paladins' skills and talents lay in battle. They are the bravest of warriors even willing to give their lives for Immortal Emperor Valkorian.
Cyborg Knights - The Cyborg Knights were Originally Known as “Brutes” and originated from the Sith home planet “Korriban.” They were biologically humans but later decided to become Cyborgs so that they could achieve maximum proficiency in battle. Their new abilities included increased movement speed, agility, and strength; later many referred to them as combat specialized assassins. The Cyborg Knights then followed their once Emperor Vitiate in the Sith Order into the rise of the reborn Eternal Empire.
Eyes of the Emperor
Dread Masters - The Dread Masters are six powerful Human Sith Lords who served the Sith Emperor for centuries as prophets, generals, and advisers. They work closely with the Emperor and the General to swiftly deal with any issues or corruption in the Sith Order.

Enforcers Regiment
Sentry Guard - Base Operations and medical engineers used by the Sith Order. They are also involved with security and minor VIP protection.
Dark Guard - The Sith Dark Guard is the security force maintained by the Sith Order and tasked with the protection of the Sith Temple on Korriban and VIPs.

Special Operations
Marauders - Sith Marauders are fueled by hatred, rage, and cruelty; the Marauders would typically use Force Rage when entering a battle, entering a battle-fury fueled by the dark side.
Assailant - Professional political negotiators and manipulators employed and trained by the Sith Order. They use their mind to manipulate the weak into getting what they want.

Sith Intelligence
Inquisitors - Sith Inquisitors are a class of powerful Force-wielders within the reconstituted Sith Empire, operating primarily within the upper echelons.
Assassins - The Sith assassins are unique because they preferred to ambush their intended prey from the shadows rather than engaging them in open combat. Almost always working solo or in small groups, they utilized Stealth field generators and the rare art of Force camouflage to aid their surprise attacks.

Sith of War
Destroyers - These Sith specialized in combat endurance and are known for wearing armor that provided them special protection in battle. Destroyers were known to primarily wield one lightsaber in combat, and are frequently adept at using the Force to cause terror and despair in enemies.
Headhunters - Using the emotion of fear as their primary weapon, the Headhunters are trained from birth to one day become elite assassins for the Sith Order. They are always found lurking in the shadows.

High Jedi General**
Senior Jedi General**
Exalted Jedi General**
Jedi General**

Master of the Order / Exiled Grandmaster
Jedi Advisor / Jedi Captain**
Jedi Council
*Captain of the Honor Guard*
Jedi Master
Jedi Knight I-X
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Youngling

*Depends on who they are guarding*
**Executive Ranks/Staff Ranks**
High Eternal General**
Senior Eternal General**
Exalted Eternal General**

Eternal General**
Immortal Emperor Valkorian
High Justice / Champion of Zaakul
Exarch / Zaakulian Captain**
*Captain of the Honor Guard*
Zaakulian Knight I-X
Zaakulian Squire

Zaakulian Recruit

*Depends on who they are guarding*
**Executive Ranks/Staff Ranks**
High Sith General**
Senior Sith General**
Exalted Sith General**

Sith General**
Emperor Vitiate
*Dread Master Advisor*
*Dread Master*

Emperor's Voice / Emperor's Wrath / Exiled Emperor
High Council / Sith Captain**
Dark Council
Lord I-X

*Depends on the situation*
**Executive Ranks/Staff Ranks**

Jedi vs Sith Standards
Once the player comes into the Training Room it is the trainer's job to explain what “PTS” means. It is important to tell the Youngling when it is acceptable and unacceptable to even ask for PTS, i.e. in debriefs you are to not ask for PTS until the leader of the debriefing ask for [Rank]+ PTS. The proper way to ask for a PTS is /y PTS, and talking in /ooc or /looc is not breaking PTS, so you may type there.
Lord/Knight V+ may deny access to leave the planet to call debriefs or missions. Any higher rank may deny this request and go off planet; however, anyone of lower rank must obey. Anyone of lower rank who does not follow the order will be put as AOS
PTL Stands for Permission to leave
Must be requested always Via Dark/Light comms.

Each Type of chat is to be used for different scenarios, whether it is OOC, or roleplaying. Do not use Roleplay chat for general talking, and do not take OOC phrases and comments out of contexts and use them as roleplay actions.
/pm (name) [Message] - Used for sending private and personal messages to and from people.
/y [Message] - Used for when you are too far away to talk to other people using normal talk. /y Extends the distance of your talk.
/w [Message] - Used for when you want to whisper, and talk to those who are really close to you. /w lowers the distance of your talk.
/comms [Message] - A Roleplay message when you need to radio something in, or inform others of something. /comms shows up for everyone.
/advert [Message] - A Roleplay message when you need to radio something in, or inform others of something. /advert is to be used by only Knight/Lord/Zaakulian Knight VII+ as it is for officers to communicate to their troops and or each other. /advert shows up for everyone.
/ooc [Message] or // [Message] - Used for Out Of Character (OOC) Chat. General chat. /ooc shows up for everyone.
/looc [Message] - Used for Local Out Of Character (LOOC) Chat. /looc shortens the distance of your OOC talk.
@ [Message] - Used for when you have a problem, and have to call an admin.
Planetary Codes are the security states of the planets
Only a Jedi Knight V+ can call them for the Jedi. The highest rank of Dark Guard can call them for sith.

Planetary Code 5: Natural state, this is when everything is calm and people walk around the planet freely.
Planetary Code 4: Weapons out and on high alert, patrol the planet. This is when we are alerted to a danger but do not yet know the extent of said danger, so it is good to keep a sharp eye and patrol the base for any potential intruders.
Planetary Code 3: All battalions to battle stations. This is usually when the threat is very large such as the base is being raided by the enemy faction.
Planetary Code 2: All battalions secure Vital areas of the planet. This is usually called as a last line of defense when the planet is being overrun with enemies, all battalions are called back to defend crucial areas of the base that's destruction would result in the collapse of the base and its crew members.
Planetary Code 1: Evacuate the Planet. The planet is being occupied, and you must comply with the invading members occupying the planet until their occupation period is over.
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