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[Imperial] Roleplay Essentials

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Roleplay Essentials
The Imperial Roleplay server gives you a realistic representation of the Imperial Era. Imperial Roleplay aims to create a diverse roleplay environment giving you the option to play as a Darkside force user, a member of the Imperial Navy, or a member of the Imperial Grand Army. Starting from a standard Storm Trooper, work your way up in the Galaxy by proving your leadership, determination, and a variety of other skills. Choose up to three sectors to play and meet a variety of well-known characters from the Star Wars Universe.

The Cadet should already be informed that their name should be changed to “ST #### Name”. Please, if they have not done so, have them change their name. And make sure to mention not to have any mingey names like “ST 0420 Snoop” or “ST 1942 Hitler”. Any and all lore names are not allowed.

Left Face - The trooper should perform a 90 degree turn over their left shoulder to face the left direction.

Right Face- The trooper should perform a 90 degree turn over their right shoulder to face the right direction.

About Face- The trooper should perform a 180 degree turn over their right shoulder to face the correct direction.

Front Face- The trooper should perform whatever degree turn is necessary over their right shoulder to face where their commanding officer is currently standing. This means if the commanding officer moves during a series of faces they are to look where their commanding officer currently is standing.

Make sure once you teach them these faces it's important to demonstrate these faces and to have them practice these faces until they get it down. DO NOT PROGRESS UNTIL THEY UNDERSTAND POSITIONS AND FACES.

The first thing a trainer must teach is how to put one’s weapon on safety, and to do such, Shift + E + R.
After you go through that, you must show them the binds. If the ST already has such binds, Good for them.

Bind key “say /me salutes”

Bind key “say /me Strips Weapons and Comms”

Bind key “say /roll”

If their console does not open, have them follow these steps:

Have the cadet open up his options menu.

Click on “keyboard”

Have them scroll all the way down till they find “Toggle Console” (Shouldn’t be bound to anything) and have them Bind that to ~ [Which is between ESC and TAB]

If it still does not work have them go into Options > Advanced > and Enable Developer Console

Regiments and Specialisations
Shock - The military police of the server, specialise in detaining and protecting areas. Also known to be used as Riot Police in certain situations.

Nova - Specialise in defending and protecting all Army High Command+, using their Kill On Sight permissions to protect their VIP no matter what. They also man Bridge Checkpoint, securely holding down the entrance before the bridge.

501st - The 501st Legion, known as “Vader’s Fist” specialise in front-line battles, and are always seen on the battlefront. Also will be found protecting Lord Vader's chambers and protecting his life.

Stormtroopers - The beginning battalion for all new players, made to fight on the battlefront and used in many deployments.

Scouts - Specialise in scouting, sniping and the use of speeders. Scouts are used to create a clear path and to relay knowledge to the other troopers on the battlefront using their scouting abilities.

Purge - Protect the Darkside temple and the Inquisitorious with their lives, also specialise in interrogating Jedi.

Black Operations
Delta Squad - A four man squad, led by Boss. All members specialise in their own department such as TECH, Medical or Ordinance.

Squad 40 - A four man squad, led by niner. Whose members specialise in combat and work in their own departments.

Aram’s Squadron - A squad of 7 droids who all are strong in combat and communication.

Navy - The Imperial Navy is incharge of operating the ISD. They are highly trained in multiple specialisations to make sure that the Imperial Star Destroyer stays online. They operate mainly in Bridge and SFC, however their job sometimes leads them all across the ISD. They are a crucial part of the Empire, without them the fleet would crumble.

ISB - Members of the ISB are not known to the public, they specialise in undercover investigations of Imperial personnel. Known to conduct raids to take out traitorous members of the Empire.

Death Troopers - Protect Naval admiralty and others.

Inferno Squad - Excel in infiltration tactics.

Darkside - Capture Jedi and interrogate them, or turn them to the Darkside. Also sacrifice troopers for rituals and excel in lightsaber combat.

Guardsmen - Tasked with guarding the best in the Empire. They forever stay loyal to their Emperor, whether its life or death. Will protect the Emperor under every circumstance, and follow his orders without second thought.

Staff Positions
Imperial Advisor [Executive]
Grand Moff [Division Leader]
Moff [Head Administrator or Sector Lead]

Inner Circle
Emperor Palpatine
Darth Vader
Grand Moff Tarkin
Grand General Brashin
Grand Admiral Thrawn
The Grand Inquisitor

High Command
Lieutenant General of the Defensive Espionage Cooperative
Lieutenant General of the Specialized Attack Forces
Major General of Attack
Major General of Defense
Major General of Special Operations
Major General of Black Operations
Vice Admiral of Naval Affairs
Vice Admiral of Naval Operations
Emperor's Hand
Emperor's Reach


Private - PVT
Private First Class - PFC
Lance Corporal - LCPL
Corporal - CPL

Non-Commissioned Officers
Sergeant - SGT
Staff Sergeant - SSG
Sergeant First Class - SFC
Master Sergeant - MSG
First Sergeant - 1SG
Sergeant Major - SGM
Command Sergeant Major - CSM

Commissioned Officers
Sergeant Major of the Battalion - SMB
Second Lieutenant - 2ndLT
First Lieutenant - 1stLT
Captain - CPT

Senior Commissioned Officers
Major - MAJ
Lieutenant Colonel - LTC
Colonel - COL
Executive Officer - XO
Commander - CO


Crewman Apprentice - CMA
Junior Crewman - JCM
Crewman - CM
Leading Crewman - LCM

Non-Commissioned Officers
Petty Officer - PO
Chief Petty Officer - CPO
Master Chief Petty Officer - MCPO
Warrant Officer - WO
Warrant Officer Second Class - WO2
Chief Warrant Officer - CWO
Officer Cadet - OC

Commissioned Officers
Midshipsman - MSM
Ensign - ENS
Sub-Lieutenant - SLT
Lieutenant - LT
Lieutenant Commander - LCDR
Commander - CDR
Captain - CPT
Commodore - COM
Rear Admiral - RA


Initiate I
Initiate II

Non-Commissioned Officers
Exarch I
Exarch II
Exarch III
Exarch IV
Exarch V
Warlock I

Commissioned Officers
Warlock II
Archon I
Archon II
Archon III

Senior Commissioned Officers
Archon IV
Archon V
Apprentice Inquisitorious
The High Inquisitor



Non-Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officers
Captain of the Guardsmen

Imperial Roleplay Standards
Once the player comes into the Training Room it is the trainer's job to explain what “PTS” means. It is important to tell the Cadet when it is acceptable and unacceptable to even ask for PTS, i.e. in debriefs you are to not ask for PTS until the leader of the debriefing ask for [Rank]+ PTS. The proper way to ask for a PTS is /y PTS, and talking in /ooc or /looc is not breaking PTS, so you may type there.

If an Imperial Pilot seeks to leave the Star Destroyer on a TIE Starfighter/Lambda Transport shuttle they must request Permission to Take Off (PTTO). This can be granted by the Imperial Navy. Pilots may leave for reasons such as patrol, training, etc.

If an Imperial Pilot seeks to land on the Star Destroyer they must request Permission to Land (PTL). The Imperial Navy can grant this request after scanning the ship that is attempting to land.

Code 1: PTTOs are automatically granted.
When a Code 1 is in effect, you’re still to let SFC know you are taking off. You do not ask for PTTO, but rather inform them that you are leaving.

Code 2: PTLs are automatically granted.
When code 2 is in effect, much like code 1 ,tell SFC that you’re landing. If hangars close simply ask for them to be re-opened.

Code 6: ALL pilots are to land and no PTTOs will be granted.
Failure to comply with a Code 6 will result in your craft being declared rogue.

Each Type of chat is to be used for different scenarios, whether it is OOC, or roleplaying. Do not use Roleplay chat for general talking, and do not take OOC phrases and comments out of contexts and use them as roleplay actions.
/pm (name) [Message] - Used for sending private and personal messages to and from people.
/y [Message] - Used for when you are too far away to talk to other people using normal talk. /y Extends the distance of your talk.
/w [Message] - Used for when you want to whisper, and talk to those who are really close to you. /w lowers the distance of your talk.
/comms [Message] - A Roleplay message when you need to radio something in, or inform others of something. /comms shows up for everyone.
/advert [Message] - A Roleplay message when you need to radio something in, or inform others of something. /advert is to be used by only Knight/Lord V+ as it is for officers to communicate to their troops and or each other. /advert shows up for everyone.
/ooc [Message] or // [Message] - Used for Out Of Character (OOC) Chat. General chat. /ooc shows up for everyone.
/looc [Message] - Used for Local Out Of Character (LOOC) Chat. /looc shortens the distance of your OOC talk.
@ [Message] - Used for when you have a problem, and have to call an admin.

The “Brotherhood Code” is to explain the importance of never harming another member of your faction without valid reasoning. Please note that during simulations or if you're sparing you may kill each other, but otherwise never RDM unless the rules, or special circumstances tell you differently.
Punching is Considered RDM/ARDM. Slapping is Considered ARDM after a given warning.

Naval Officer+ may call them, or the highest rank online if there are no Naval Officers present.

Defcon 5: A natural state, personnel to maintain all standard duties.
Defcon 4: Personnel to remain on High Alert whilst proceeding standard duties.
Defcon 3: Battalions to report to their assigned battlestations from their Commander, have weapons unholstered ready for combat.
Defcon 2: Active personnel to protect essential areas such as Bridge or Reactor Room.
Defcon 1: Evacuate the ship via Main Hangar Bay or the Auxiliary Hangar Bay.

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