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    Denied foru's Human Resources Application

    +1 I have not interacted with you but i think you would fit well in this position from what others have said. Goodluck!
  3. Zorg

    Accepted Mephisto's Human Resources Application

    +1 Tons of experience and I believe would be a good candidate for the HR team. Good luck!
  4. Zorg

    Denied Zorg-Tytus's Human Resources Application

    Your Name: Zorg-Tytus In-Game Rank (Applies to CWRP, MRP, JVS and Imperial): ImperialRP- TR 501st LGN FO EAT XO Zorg Steam Name: Tytus | IFN.GG Steam ID: 76561198148102551 Staff Rank | Tier Donator: Administator/ T5 - IRP What Country and Time Zone are you from?: U.S and PST Why do you...